Well Hello There [Alternate Title: We’re Alive!]

We’re very sorry for the long hiatus from posting; we had really good reasons, we swear! First of all, and most importantly, Mera gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy! More on that in just a moment. Almost concurrently – and far less joyously – I broke my right arm badly enough to require surgery, bringing all house projects, typing, and solo hair-washing to a screeching halt. Seven years of roller derby, but it was the perilous combination of my own carelessness and a flailing child at the local skating rink that finally sent me to the Emergency Room.

It just don't seem right


I’d had big plans to share progress in the Rambler while Mera had an RHW maternity leave, but the combination of a broken wing and remarkably poor voice recognition technology proved lethal to my good intentions. Here’s an unedited snippet of this post that I dictated into my computer:

We’re very sorry for the unexpected hiatus from blogging, but we had really good reasons we square exclamation point I went ahead and broke my arm. Her right arm, Which pretty much brought all projects and wanting to a screeching halt. Seven years of playing roller derby without any broken bones, but I couldn’t withstand the perils of whaling kiddos at our local skating rink.

Those darn whaling kids! Anyway, onto far cuter things!

From Mera:  August James Gilmore arrived at the beginning of the month, weighing in at a hefty 9 pounds.  My water broke in the locker room at the gym, and forty crazy minutes later Gus was in my arms!Red House West || We're Alive!

Gus is hale and hearty, and sweet as can be.  We’re smitten!

Red House West || We're Alive!

While Katie is healing and I’m cooing at my baby and getting through these days filled with everything but also nothing, we won’t be posting on a regular schedule.  We’ll pop in now and again (all the more reason to subscribe so you’ll know when we’re posting), and we’ll resume our regular posting schedule in a few months.

Thanks for bearing with us! xoxo

12 responses on “Well Hello There [Alternate Title: We’re Alive!]

  1. Nina D

    OMG he is an adorable baby! Warm congratulations from sunny Greece, Mera! Hope you mend soon, Katie.

    I feel like an auntie, many times removed, but an auntie in spirit, just the same.


  2. Judy lehman

    Katie, so sorry! Hope you heal rapidly and well.
    Mera, so happy for you and your sweet family.
    Xoxo Judy and Kenn stuck in Michigan by Lake Superior getting a transmission!

  3. Margaret Campion

    Wonderful!! (about Gus, I mean, not your broken arm, Katie! I’m so sorry about that! The voice translate thing was funny!) Congratulations, Mera!! What a lucky baby to come into this family. And, yes! He’s gorgeous! I am sure his big sister adores him, too.
    And we became grandparents during this time! Babies galore! Our daughter also had a baby boy (on 9/15 .. when did Gus arrive?) … so there is much happiness all around.
    Lots of love to you and I hope the mending goes easily, Katie!

  4. Gillianne

    Mera: 😀 !!!
    Katie: 🙁 !!!

    All the warm fuzzies winging their way to Alaska. All the “mend fast and well” wishes directed to the Rambler here in Eugene.

  5. Carol Bryner

    An eventful couple of weeks for you both! So so sorry about your arm, Katie. That can certainly put a damper on your lifestyle. Speedy healing to you. And congratulations on the arrival of little (not so little) Gus. What a sweetheart. I’m looking forward to your posts, justifiably sporadic as they might be.

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