Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas

Despite the fact that Valentine’s day is cheesy we both have some love for it.  Maybe it’s because it comes in the dark months when winter lingers too long, and we like having an occasion to celebrate.  It’s almost certainly not because of the notoriously tacky traditional Valentine’s day gifts — covered in hearts but pretty much heartless.  While putting this post together we were looking at Valentine’s day crafts on Pinterest–Mera was horrified by the pervasive candy + printable pun combination (“Will You Chews To Be My Valentine” attached to a pack of gum) but Katie secretly, and ardently, dreams of receiving just such a thing.

From Mera:

I love a good heart motif, but it’s not easy to find simple and beautiful heart-shaped crafts that I would really want to make or receive.  This sweet little woven basket ornament would stay out past Valentine’s day for Easter, and would reappear on the Christmas tree.

If it’s stable enough, this pretty paper heart would be beautiful hung on a door, or even as a center piece for a special dinner.

This version of a heart wreath looks easier to make, but just as pretty:

From Katie:

In my mind, there’s no better gift than a mixtape. The first one I ever received was from a boy (whose name I forget, but whose tape I remember) in middle school. It included music by Ween and the Sundays, as well as Peter Gabriel’s seminal – and oozing with cheese – mixtape favorite ‘In Your Eyes.’

Digital playlists are undoubtedly convenient, but nothing beats the tangible joy of a mixtape replete with an arty cover and handwritten track list.  The best of both worlds?  Enter the DIY usb mixtape (Youtube tutorial here):

So cute!  Here are three songs that would definitely make it onto a Valentine’s mix:

My version of Valentine’s Day is at least as much about my dear friends as about my dear husband, and I just love the idea of using this cute tutorial on the blog HonestlyWTF to embroider a vintage hanky for my sweet Mera (so she can dry the tears she sheds from missing me?):

Red House West || Valentine's Day DIYs

Red House West || Valentine's Day DIYs

Alas, since Valentine’s Day is imminent – and I’m afraid couch upholstery trumps embroidered hankies –  Mera might have to settle for something a little punny, but totally heartfelt.  I mean, c’mon, this is pure gold – amirite?:

Are you getting crafty for Valentine’s Day?  Have an excellent week!

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