Tiny Caravan Tour

We spent Thanksgiving this year with my in-laws in Port Townsend, Washington.  We go every year, and this year we woke up to a cozy and rare layer of snow.  My in-laws live in a sweetheart of a house on a bluff overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The views are big (Chester and I got married in their yard) but the house is a jewel box, perfect for two. In order to create more space for visitors, they had a friend build what has come to be known in the family as The Buffalito.

Red House West||Tiny Caravan Red House West||Tiny Caravan

The Buffalito is on wheels, built on an old truck chassis actually. Theoretically it can be towed, but it’s been comfortably sited in a little meadow along the gravel drive to the main house for several years. It’s built with all green materials.  Everything that could be sourced from recycled materials was, they didn’t use any urethane, and the interior paint is all milk paint.

Red House West||Tiny Caravan Tour

Red House West||Tiny Caravan TourInside is cozy with braided rugs and lots of pillows and quilts. The full size bed has a nice view into the meadow where deer are frequent visitors (on this trip there was a family of three we saw a lot–recognizable by one darker-furred fawn).

Red House West||Tiny Caravan Tour

Bookshelves and a small table make it a comfortable place to read a book or write a letter (or blog post) with a cup of tea.  There isn’t any need for a kitchen in its current occupation, but it wouldn’t be too hard to convert the bookshelves into a little galley with a sink and small refrigerator if one actually wanted to take this baby on the road.

Red House West||Tiny Caravan Tour

Red House West||Tiny Caravan Tour

Photo by Katy Gilmore

This tiny caravan is a dear space for guests, and could also make a nice office or studio space. Thanks for coming along for the tour–have a great week!

13 responses on “Tiny Caravan Tour

    1. meramatthews

      Exactly. My mother-in-law is expert at creating inviting spaces for gathering, and also little away spaces where you can read a book and enjoy some quiet time.

  1. Susan

    So very inviting…the colorful interior, the snow outside…the promise of deer in the meadow and just down the path family celebrations.

    1. meramatthews

      It is a sweetheart of a space, and it gets warm and cozy fast with the little heater in the corner. Katy is a master at warm and inviting spaces for family and friends. Thanks Susan!

  2. Carol Crump Bryner

    I was really in need of a nap today, and I wish I had been able to take one in this sweet little caravan with the snug bed under the window. It looks so very cozy, especially with the snow outside and the lights on inside.

  3. michellet2013

    I love the Buffalito and Katy has made it as cozy as only Katy can. I do think Mark, the super-craftsman builder deserves a shout out too. It’s a wonderful little space.

    1. Katy Gilmore

      Thank you Michelle, cozy expert yourself, and yes, the master builder Mark Sabella, Niagra Woodworks, Port Townsend, who usually build fine cabinets – which the Buffalito sort of is! Mark did all the research about the traditional Vargo (Romani wagon) shape, curved roof and sides tilted out from bottom to top, and made it happen in his workshop – beautifully!

    2. meramatthews

      Absolutely Michelle, thanks for saying so. Mark Sabella truly is a master builder! His skills combined with Katy’s cozifications make for the sweetest little space!

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