Six Great Halloween Costume Ideas

Katie and I are both big Halloween people–soon after we first met we found ourselves swept up in a raucous Halloween parade, where we hula hooped for hours. I can’t remember what we dressed up as, but we both have dreamlike memories of being surrounded by bizarrely costumed crowds on a dark, cold night.

I love dressing up, and this year I tried to convince Chester that I had the PERFECT couples costume for us:

But then we started bickering about who would be who, and it deteriorated from there. Here are some great runner up costume ideas from around the web.

Ghosts are typical Halloween fare, but how about invoking a different kind of ghost this year:

A Freudian slip, hehe.

Dressing up as Tippi Hedron would be so fun! This girl does a good job though the costume needs a lot more blood:

She captured the dead taxidermied eyes perfectly:

And finally, my favorite. Several years in a row I elected this school photo backdrop.  This was back when people still spelled out the acronym L-A-S-E-R.  So cutting edge.

P.S. (from Katie) In sixth grade I established myself as a real renegade by dressing as Santa Claus for Halloween. I just spent an hour digging through old photos so I could share a picture here, to no avail. You’ll have to use your imaginations to envision the wonder of my pillow-stuffed short red bathrobe over tights and the cotton balls I had glued directly onto my face. The cotton balls fell off throughout the day, leaving me with a peeling white residue more reminiscent of Freddy Krueger than old St. Nick. I’ll probably never top the wonder of that costume, but there are some real contenders here.

5 responses on “Six Great Halloween Costume Ideas

  1. michellet2013

    Thanks for sharing these creative costumes! My favorite is the school portrait—although sadly, I never had the opportunity to have the super-cool L-A-S-E-R background.

  2. Carol Crump Bryner

    I’m with Michelle. My favorite is the school portrait (although I think, Mera, that you should push a little harder to accomplish the first one). But best of all Katy, is thinking about you going through the day with cotton balls stuck to your face. The things we do in the name of Halloween.

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