Stare-Worthy Stairs

Hi everyone! We loved reading your suggestions on Mera’s post about her almost-perfect stair runner last week.  Luckily the rug company is able to send her a short piece, but Carol’s comment about using trompe l’oeil to disguise the top riser got us thinking about creative alternatives to runners and carpets.  We found some gorgeous ones that have us daydreaming about what we’d find if we ascended these ornate steps.

At the top of these stairs you’ll find a room filled with floor pillows and sheepskins, and a veritable jungle of indoor plants. Put on your caftan and come listen to Joni Mitchell on vinyl.  Be careful that your Turkish slippers don’t slip off your heels as you climb.


We couldn’t find a photo source for these, but they are hand-painted by Laurel Sternberg.

Ascend these stairs to a spare room of neutral hues.  Tuck yourself in on the platform bed; be sure to luxuriate in the grey linen bedding.  It costs more than your car.

At the top of these stairs is an outdoor oasis where a pitcher of mint iced tea sweats on a white tablecloth. Once your thirst is quenched head down the block to the rug bazaar of your dreams.

We’re getting mixed signals from these stairs.  At the top you might find the best party you’ve ever been to, or maybe the fug of a smoke-filled casino.  No matter, we don’t even need to go up, the wild colors and fabulous florals are all the party we need.

The garden patio at the top of these stairs is perfectly geometric, and margaritas are always served on the rocks (unless you prefer blended).  Bring your sun hat.

The soft grey of these stenciled stairs belie the cerulean sky that greets you at the top.  Careful not to trip on your white linen palazzo pants!

At the top of these stairs you’ll find chairs so uncomfortable you can’t sit in them, but so cool looking you don’t care.

While these stair treatments aren’t anything that would actually work in either of our homes as they currently exist, we still love daydreaming about them.  This last one is Katie’s favorite, and Mera’s is the second example. What’s yours?

11 responses on “Stare-Worthy Stairs

  1. pippin

    I like the second to last stair case. The grey tiles are stunning. However, if I were to have one of those stair cases in my house it would have to be the last one. It could be the only one my husband and I could agree on.

  2. Susan Glassow

    I like so many of these but the first set winds my vote. I love the way the pattern of the lines repeats on several risers, the palm fronds, the slightly faded colors leading to a magical room upstairs with a plush velvet armchair and ottoman, a writing table, ancient rugs and a wall of books wrapped around a window seat with faded fabric as well….it’s a reader’s and writer’s home. Thank you for your wonderful website explorations.

  3. Carol Bryner

    I would climb any of these stairs to see what was at the top, but I’m with Susan about the first set. They feel comfortable and beckoning and definitely Joni-Mitchell-on-vinyl-ish. I spent many years listening to Joni on vinyl, but without the palm fronds. As usual, Katie and Mera, your comments are the real “decoration” for this blog post. Monday morning fun. Thanks!

  4. andrea

    I agree with Carol, but I also love snark. The grey stenciled (?) ones are so elegant, although losetas are always a win. Alas, I don’t have any stairs in my house.

  5. Nina

    Wow, maybe because I am a Gemini I really like the first and last. I love these selections and all your scene-setting descriptions – you make all the rooms we can’t quite see very vivid and inviting (and amusing). Since I am old enough to be a fan of early Joni Mitchell, I am too old to sit on floor cushions, so I’ll don my linen palazzo pants and head for the platform bed with my margarita. Of course it is on the rocks! There is no other way. Salted rim, too and just a slight squirt of lemon juice mixed in with the lime. Divine. Now, where is that fug coming from??

  6. Laura (PA Pict)

    I actually like them all but the lovely grey ones towards the end are my favorite (and almost make me want to tear up our stair carpet) closely followed by the first ones as they remind me of a Roman villa.

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