Red House West, Together in Eugene

Mera flew down to Eugene to visit Red House West’s Southern Headquarters this weekend, and we had a great time. We thrifted until our feet were sore and our hands were grubby, and commiserated about how our faces always itch the worst just as we’re leaving the thrift store — when you really shouldn’t touch your face (or anything else).

We only ended up bringing home a few odds and ends, but there were some treasures that we both seriously considered.  Mera found this chinoiserie screen (which felt like fate in the wake of Monday’s post):

Red House West || Eugene TripThe price is right, but it’s heavy and shipping it to Alaska would definitely take some doing.  Mera thought and thought about where it could go in her house, and even called Chester to ask him to take some measurements, but ultimately had to let it go.  It still hurts though, look how beautiful the details are!

Red House West || Eugene You might remember that Katie has graduated (to the strains of ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ and with a great many tassels) from collecting chairs to curating a collection of lamps, and she found a really special one while we were on our secondhand store tour.

Red House West || EugeneHaving just read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo, she let this one pass her by.  But it was very hard, and she just may go back . . .

We took a trip to Katie’s favorite fabric store, L’Etoffe, and ogled the incredibly beautiful textiles.

Red House West || EugeneWe are both obsessed with this fabric.  Help us justify a purpose – what should we make with it?

Red House West || EugeneWe also went for a few jogs along the river, and a lovely hike, and talked a lot about our goals for the blog, and how we can make it better.

Red House West || Eugene

Red House West || Eugene

Red House West || EugeneOne of the things we talked about is that we would love to have more direct input from you, our wonderful readers.  What types of posts do you like the best?  Posts where we try to tackle design conundrums?  Posts where we break down what we think works and doesn’t work in images from around the web?  DIY posts? Planning and progress posts for our own remodeling and decorating undertakings?  Is there a certain kind of post that you wish we would do more of?  A type you wish we would do less?  We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments, or if you’d rather keep things a little more anonymous, (we can take it, we swear!) click here to leave your feedback.

Thanks everyone, we’re so glad to be sharing this blog with you!

17 responses on “Red House West, Together in Eugene

  1. Emily

    I’m fairly new to your blog – I came for the concrete table tutorial, and stayed for the wonderfully witty writing and gorgeous interiors! I love all your posts but my favourite are when we get to see inside your own houses. I particularly loved the Chamber of Secrets story – it was so interesting to see the project through from mood board to completion.
    I’d love to see more DIY/upcycling tutorials, especially when they’re on a budget – I love a good makeover! Something I’d love to see would be a feature whereby readers could write in with their own decorating dilemmas/questions, to get advice from you both, and other readers – though I’d have to try really hard not to flood your inbox!
    I’m such a big fan of this blog and I’m so glad I found it – it’s been so inspiring as I gradually make over my own rental home (in Cambridge, UK). I just love your style and I think it might even be influencing my aesthetic – at the risk of sounding a little creepy, sometimes I find myself wondering how “Red House West” something is before I commit to a purchase/project!

    (PS I posted a variation on this comment just now but I don’t think it worked, so I’m sorry if you end up with two very similar comments from me!)

    1. Mera

      Thank you so much for this terrific comment, Emily! In the future when we leave comments on blogs we will be asking ourselves how “Emily” what we have to say is–you’re the comment standard bearer! We have done a few reader question posts in the past and we really enjoyed it, so send those design dilemmas our way! (With our new platform the best way to send a question to us is fill in our “contact” form, and then we’ll email you back directly about the best way to send us pictures). Thank you!

      1. Emily

        That’s great – you can expect some blurry phone photos of ugly corners of rooms coming right up!
        One other blog post that I just thought of that I’d love to read… I’d love to know what your “pet peeves” are when it comes to interiors. I personally hate cushions positioned diagonally, artwork hung too high on the wall, and curtains which are too short.

  2. andrea

    I agree with Emily (DIY on a budget and the advice bit). All my renovations and research were for the Energy Rebate, which, while fascinating in its own right, a ton of work and super important, meant my 1970s mass-built ranch house still looks like it did when we moved in. I’m not sure there’s a lot that *can* be done, but a girl can dream…

  3. Michelle

    My favorite posts are when you’re sharing your own homes and your DIY projects. It’s always fun to see inside other people’s houses (especially real lived-in houses) and I’ve enjoyed watching your various projects progress. I also really enjoy your witty, smart writing style. RHW is a cheerful part of Monday and Wednesday mornings—thank you!

  4. Carol Bryner

    I’m totally with Michelle on this one. I always enjoy the more personal blog posts, but you are both such entertaining writers that I find myself being pulled into the pleasure of seeing the large variety of decorating ideas you present, whether from your own homes or from other sources. And the DIY posts are fun to read, although I’m so old now, I usually feel exhausted even thinking about pulling out staples or decoupaging my toilet seat. (hey! there’s an idea for you)

    1. Katie

      Brilliant Carol! A little toilet seat chinoiserie can really class the joint up. Thanks for being such a steadfast reader and commenter, and a great source of blogging inspiration!

  5. Nina D

    Well, I love the peeks inside your homes, for sure, whether a perfect little corner or shelf (or toilet tank styling -hey, I’m easy) or a slightly scary “before”. It’s inspiring. And occasionally brave.

    I don’t get a whole lot out of the DIY posts because I’m just not ever gonna. Still, I enjoy reading them, sort of like people who watch cooking shows and only make PB&J’s, I guess.

    Love the examples you cull from around the interworld. They are always so unique. You know how you can read a bunch of different blogs and everybody is chasing the same image? Not you guys – you always pull unusual stuff.

    Your writing is warm and witty and your humor deliciously off-kilter.

    I would like to see more thrifting WTF’s?!?!? Because those are always a blast. And, yes, more reader questions/design dilemmas. One day I may get up the nerve to send one in myself.

    Mostly…just keep being you guys!

    1. Katie

      Thank you so much Nina! We always have fun reading your comments and really enjoy your own off-kilter humor 🙂 And as for the thrifting WTFs … there have been some doozies lately. Careful what you ask for – we’re talking some real shield-your-eyes hideousness.

  6. Lea

    What to do with that painted blue fabric? If it’s sturdy, try a floor pillow for seating in a child’s room. If it is a little more delicate then curtains for a puppet theater. Or a bolster.

    1. Judy lehman

      A puppet theatre, Mera! Kenn made a neat foldable one from white plastic plumbers tubing years ago for our first grandchild. I sewed the curtain and some of the puppets and we were a happy captive audience!

  7. Judy lehman

    You asked! I totally love ALL the posts especially the huge transformations you two amazing women tackle and conquer (chamber of secrets and stripes and stairs!!! Phew! I’m exhausted and feeling quite inadequate at home projects after those!) I LOVE the screen and have a similar lamp I just unearthed from our (ha! ) loft in beige and put to use but,alas, had to move one I REALLY love to a little used teeny room. I ‘m intrigued and tempted by your craft projects but never seem to have extra time as I waste it (at my age) trying to remember what I went upstairs to fetch!!!!!
    Keep going as you are is my advice. I look forward to each post.
    Xo judy

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