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We’ve both had quilts on the brain lately (maybe it’s because we’re beginning to look toward fall) and, though Mera’s foray into indigo dyeing a less-than-lovely eBay find was a great success, today we thought we’d share some quilts that we wouldn’t change a bit.

Hopewell Quilts was a collaboration between two friends who are an architect and painter by training. They recently closed their label to make more time for their families, but we’re still completely inspired by their unique, modern designs (and the fact that they were made by two best friends).

We love Hopewell’s spare, modern designs, but we also love the riotous color and playful design of this appliqued quilt. It’s especially charming paired with that side table and lamp, and with the patterns of the other bed linens.

This next photo made us double check the definition of ‘quilt’ to make sure it fit the bill.  We wanted to make sure we were clear on just what differentiated a quilt from a blanket.

Quilt, Kwilt (noun) – a warm bed covering made of padding enclosed between layers of fabric and kept in place by lines of stitching, typically applied in a decorative design.

We’re pretty sure we can see the telltale decorative stitching on this red and green beauty and we’re absolutely positive that we love it.

No question that this next one is a bonafied quilt — a Hawaiian quilt, we think.  Between the wallpaper, four poster bed, flouncy bedskirt, and beadboard ceiling, this room could be stuffy, but the graphic quilt makes it sweet.

The interlocking triangles of this flying geese pattern look perfectly modern when done in these gloriously unexpected colors (pink and mustard 4 lyfe).

We really like how this rainbow-hued geometric quilt looks when paired with crisp white linens and the rustic wooden headboard.



Portland artist Anna Joyce has a new collection of indigo-dyed goods, and we love the layered blues and intricate stitching of this beach-inspired quilt.

We have no doubt we could do a whole post on the magical creations of British quilt maker Cassandra Ellis. Her eye for pattern and color is incredible, and we love that her designs manage to be both timely and timeless — the perfect balance of modern and traditional.

Katie’s stomach hurts with how much she loves the green striped Cassandra Ellis quilt and Mera aches (predictably) for the pink and mustard flying geese.  How about you?  Happy Monday!

9 responses on “Quilts We Love

  1. Laura (PA Pict)

    I absolutely love quilts but don’t yet own any. Perhaps because I’m an incapable sewer, I cannot help but admire quilts for the skill involved as well as for their aesthetics. Perhaps when I have money to spare some day I will treat myself to a quilt. In terms of preference for design, while I like those more modern and graphic designs, I probably lean towards the more traditional designs involving triangles and other geometric shapes organized into repeating patterns. I think the heritage and history of the pattern making, being passed from generation to generation, appeals to me.

  2. Catherine

    I love quilts. My mom is an avid quilter and churns out beautiful baby quilts for everyone she is even remotely connected to who is having a baby. I have made several myself, and I really want to explore modern quilting some more. I love what you guys did with the indigo dyed quilt. I am thinking about making a quilt using a lot of white and shibori dyed fabric.

    Also, I am so happy I discovered this blog via Shavonda’s instagram post. I love your posts, your style, and the fact that Alaska is home! I grew up visiting my grandparents every summer in Alaska and it is a very special place to me.

  3. Carol Bryner

    I could easily live with any (and every) one of these quilts. They all have pizazz! My favorite “wall” quilt is the second one with the Agnes Martin minimalist style, but for my bed I’d definitely lean toward the last three.

    (As an aside, Mera – the soft and cozy hand-printed and painted quilts made by your mother-in-law Katy, still adorn many beds in the Bryner family households. They are true gems.)

  4. Nina D

    I love the flying geese pattern and the “rainbow hued geometric”. My favorite, though, is the middle Cassandra Ellis one, which looks so much like a quilt my late mother made for me, which was unfortunately lost in a house fire. It made me smile to remember that lost treasure. Well, both lost treasures.

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