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Portlandia has made a (very funny, very apt) mockery of the ubiquitous inclusion of birds in every craft, but there are times when putting a bird on it is exactly the right thing to do.  We were reminded of this recently when we saw an article in Elle Decor featuring the Eames bird. Iconic and lovely in its proportions, it looks as good in this San Francisco apartment recently featured on Cup of Jo as it does in the original Eames house.

One could easily play a version of ‘Where’s Waldo’ by hunting for Ed Carpenter’s pigeon light among photographs of stylish UK homes.  There’s something about their bright colors and stout shape that lends cheeky cheer to even the most stately of rooms.

Katie’s been coveting one for years; they must have crept into her subconscious via the glossy pages of British decor mag Living Etc. Unfortunately (well, for Katie, you may feel differently) we can’t find them for sale anywhere anymore.

We’re also smitten with bird adornments of the two-dimensional type. Gorgeous avian wallpaper abounds; we love the colors of these birds and their magical treetop perch.

We find this wallpaper beautiful but disquieting.  We’re especially concerned about the bloated turkey on the slender branch and the unaware dove just moments from meeting its grisly end in the clutching talons of a falcon.

Mahara wallpaper, image found here

Mahara wallpaper, image found here

This wallpaper reminds Mera of her childhood budgerigars Sandrina Avocado and Spazattacker, who are long overdue for mention on Red House West.  While in life they were surrounded by the chaos of a preteen who collected whimsical erasers and all things pig, it’s nicer to think of them on silver perches in the company of roses and butterflies.

via Lonny

via Lonny

We’re not sure if these are some sort of alcid or if they’re penguins, but we know we love them.

These Audubon prints look endemic to this lush garden space.

These prints from Anthropologie have a sense of humor, and we can picture them looking sweet in a not too sweet nursery.

What do you think?  Did this post make you ornithophobic, or do you put a bird on it?

8 responses on “Put a Bird on it

    1. Katie

      I hadn’t seen that photo (though we follow Anna’s blog and IG – she’s amazing!) – blogsphere zeitgeist is a funny thing, and would be interesting to try and track/study. Could one ever find a starting point, do you think? Or is it all circular?

      1. Gillianne

        Maybe linear, as in a flat organizational chart. Or all things existing at all time points, materialized by wave-collapsing decisions, per quantum physics? (see Amit Goswami, who taught at UO). Kinda like the cycles of popularity with baby names?

  1. Carol Bryner

    Mera, I just cracked up reading about your “budgies.” The names are so funny and so clever. I have to say that I can’t quite find that turkey! Thanks for another entertaining Wednesday post!

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