Pinterest Friday, Vol. 2

Wallpaper is currently experiencing a style resurrection – elevated from its talcum powder-scented grave to achieve new heights of cool.  For this edition of Pinterest Friday, we thought we’d comb through our pins and share some of our favorite wallpaper applications.

From Mera:

To my way of thinking, wallpaper works best when it celebrates over-the-top granny glamour, but with a sense of humor.  Here are a few examples that, to me, hit all the right notes:

Rifle Paper's City Toile had me at hello.

Rifle Paper’s City Toile had me at hello.

From Katie:

Like Mera, I like wallpaper with a sense of humor – I’m drawn to large-scale patterns, vibrant colors, and quirky themes.  This coral wallpaper in a black and white palette is fantastic in this tiny bathroom:


This is the very first image I ever pinned on Pinterest.  If this were my house, I’m pretty sure I’d just hang out in my persimmon-colored dining chair and live in the magical world of this wallpaper.



I love the scale and dramatic, moody colors of this one:


Finally, anything – anything – by Trustworth wallpaper would be welcome in my home.  Here are two examples, and I strongly suggest you head over to their site to see others.  They are whimsical and dramatic and interesting and strange.

Trustworth Wallpaper - 'Seagulls'

Trustworth Wallpaper – ‘Seagulls’

"Apothecary's Garden' by Trustworth

Trustworth Wallpaper – ‘Apothecary’s Garden’ via Design Sponge

What do you think, do you associate wallpaper with fusty, out-of-date homes?  Can you imagine using any of our favorite papers in your own home?  We’ll be back with a new post on Monday–have a wonderful weekend and a happy 4th of July!

4 responses on “Pinterest Friday, Vol. 2

  1. Carol Crump Bryner

    I love wallpaper in small rooms, and have thirty-year-old Laura Ashley wallpaper on my bathroom walls. I keep patching it and pasting the borders back on because I can’t get those patterns anymore. My favorites of the ones you posted are the ostrich and the seagulls, but the others are wonderful to see.The flowers on the black background are pretty spectacular.

  2. Alex

    All of these options look wonderful, but that 6th, dark and moody floral, is magic. I am glad to see it used in a powder room, so that I can dream it’s mine.

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