Pinterest Friday – Sifting Through Pins to Define Our Style

A couple of weeks ago we were getting some input on how to improve the look and function of Red House West.  The designers with whom we were speaking asked us to give a description of our style.  We tried to put it into words: Eclectic?  Bohemian?  Granny Chic?  Mid Century?

For this week’s Friday post we thought we would sift through our respective Pinterest accounts to see what themes emerge in an ongoing effort to define our personal styles, and to figure out where they overlap and can be translated into the overall look and feel of Red House West. Often when we pin images, we do it on a gut level, because we just like what we’re seeing. Looking closer with a critical eye helps us identify the things that make a room appeal to us on that visceral level.

From Katie:

As I looked through my Pinterest account, I was surprised to see that there were certain elements and colors that recurred in almost all of my pins.  Similar as the images were, it was still hard to narrow them down to just a handful.  Here are six rooms that kick me in the gut (in a good way) and that I could live in right now:


Bohemian and eclectic seem like pretty good descriptors, and the common elements for me are: Moody blues, textiles (and lots of ’em), Mid-century modern furniture, eclectic art and houseplants.

From Mera:

Sifting through my pins, a few themes emerge.  As I’ve mentioned before, I am always drawn to bright rugs, artfully mixed textiles, cozy nooks, and a mix of old and new.  I love mid century modern pieces as much as the next gal, but I find that the ones I’m drawn to lean toward the feminine, and there’s a healthy dose of ’70s in the mix.  I think I can safely include “bohemian” among the descriptors of my style, and I love rooms that look like a story waiting to be told.  Looking at my image collections I can see that I also gravitate toward warmer hues.  Here are a few photos to illustrate what I mean:

[I can't find a proper source for this, but I know this is another from Amber Lewis].

[I can’t find a proper source for this, but I know it’s another from Amber Lewis].

What do you think Style Detectives? What adjectives jump to mind looking at the above? It’s still a ways off, but the overhaul is churning–we would love to hear from you about what you like and don’t like in blog features generally, and what you would hope for from us. Talk to us!

Have a great weekend, and we hope to see you back here on Monday!

11 responses on “Pinterest Friday – Sifting Through Pins to Define Our Style

  1. y2knina

    Really interesting post. I don’t use pinterest, but I bookmark house tours. Sometimes when I look back at a tour that I saved from a couple of years back I wonder: what was I *thinking*?? But, I wasn’t thinking. Like you say, it is a gut response. There’s something about the spaces that pulls you in, that allows you to imagine yourself in those rooms, on that couch, sipping tea in that garden. I will have to try harder, now, to study them and see what the common elements are that run through the different spaces. Do I have a style that can be described? I always just figured I liked “eclectic” but perhaps I can pin it down some more. Without actually pinning it, of course.

    I would love to see more shopping/searching/thrifting posts (since you asked!) I find that when I shop I either leave things behind because I can’t figure out how to use them, and then a month later walk into a room and think: there! That’s where that thingy could have gone. OR I buy something because I love it and remember all the things I let get away, bring it home, trusting it will one day work, stick it in a closet and then a couple of years later donate it because it never made it out of the closet. I guess having a defined “style”, and perhaps a list on me at all times, maybe some pictures on my phone, would help me to hone my skills. When to pull the trigger? That’s what I’d like to read/learn more about.

    Sorry! Didn’t mean to be so wordy!

    1. k80bennett

      Your wordiness (and excellent input) is very welcome here! Love your thrifting idea – we’ll do some thinking on it. Have a terrific weekend!

  2. Katy Gilmore

    I loved wandering through these terrific rooms. And enjoyed y2knina’s comment a lot. It made me go to the dictionary, because while I’ve always loved the word eclectic, I wondered the real definition and how it would fit. And heavens! It’s Katie and Mera (probably y2knina also) to a T (more or less): “deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources” – what could be better? Specially when combined with a further definition, “selecting and using what are considered the best elements of all systems.” Freedom. Sounds like freedoms. And RHW does it so well – being so contemporary in the process. Also long lasting.

    What Mera says about “rooms that look like a story waiting to be told” is wonderful – stories of family or travel or passions? Perfect.

    And one other thing (from your second long-winded commenter today – all these gorgeous textiles and rugs – patterns and color – in these photos do you think they work so very well because of the “white” spaces, breathing places, places for eyes to rest: beds or walls? It’s such a balancing act – the pile of textiles looking so inevitable. Do you have unwritten rules that say yes and no? I love it that those rules are so personal. That seems a critical element.

    OK enough. Apologize and thank you for another wonderful post!

  3. Carol Crump Bryner

    Oh no! You’re overhauling your blog – already? I am a fan of so many things about the way it is now. It’s not that I don’t like change (actually, I hate change) but that I love the simplicity and personality of the site as it’s been so far. You both have a way with a story, and tell us about your lives with humor and incredible warmth. For me all the stuff – rugs, curtains, paint, plants – are just accessories to your basic integrity as observant and artistic and caring women. Please don’t get rid of photos and mentions of the cats, dogs, babies, and other significant users of the beautiful spaces you create. And – again – thanks for entertaining me every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

    1. k80bennett

      We vow to never get rid of cats! Or dogs! Or the humans we live with! Thanks for liking us just as we are, and we promise not to make any drastic changes (just a few enhancements).

  4. pippin

    Question about your rugs (since you love textiles like me and our pet owners)- does your dog and cats have a tendency to dishevel you rugs when they play? We have a border collie who loves to play catch and our rugs get a little misplaced. It doesn’t bother me, but my husband does not want more rugs for this reason. Do you have the same issues with your animals? I have a beautiful rug from Peru I would like to lay on our dining room floor, but it’s an argument I can’t win. Plus it doesn’t help that I am married to a professor of Philosophy who loves to argue and is good at it. This comment has nothing to do with the question you asked….sorry. I love your blog.

    1. meramatthews

      Awww, I love border collies! With two playful dogs and two rowdy cats, I do have the same problem for sure. I have found that a really high quality rug pad makes all the difference (for a while I used those plastic ones that look like shelf liners, but they didn’t work at all). I’ve had good luck with dual surface felted wool pads, like these: You can also double down and use rug tape under the rug pad, like this: I hope it works for you–success is the greatest retort!

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