Inspiring Outdoor Spaces

Spring has definitely sprung in Oregon (have you seen Katie’s bee swarm video on Instagram?), and while Alaska lags far behind, hints of sweeter days to come are cropping up all over.  In celebration, here are some inviting and achievable outdoor spaces we’re inspired by.

Not surprisingly, all of these spaces have beautiful textiles – most of which don’t look to be of the indoor-outdoor variety.  In Alaska and Oregon we’d be shuttling these in and out daily depending on the weather, but it would be worth it!  How are you gearing up for spring in your part of the world?

Check back with us on Wednesday for a post about concealing household eyesores!

4 responses on “Inspiring Outdoor Spaces

  1. joyce

    Jumping off your textile comment, let me know if you find anything super durable and suitable for indoor/outdoor (aside from sunbrella). I have enough to do without bringing stuff in and out every day!

  2. Laura (PA Pict)

    One of the things I am excited about since we moved to America is the possibility of properly using an outdoor space for living – OK mostly eating – because it just was not possible for much of the year in Scotland, between the weather and the biting insects. So far we have patio furniture and a barbecue and already I am happy. I actually had my cup of tea sitting outside this morning, watching the birds and squirrels, and after a long winter that felt like bliss. I think I am rather too practical for textiles outdoors as I would have to find a place to store them during Autumn and Winter but I certainly want to find a way to personalise our outdoors spaces. The idea of a hammock is very tempting but my kids would never let me have a turn on it.

  3. y2knina

    Ah, yes, that was one of last summer’s problems to which I still don’t have a solution: what to do with all the outdoor pillows that I pulled inside whenever it rained. Mostly they just stay piled up on the living room floor, which would be great if they actually went with anything in the living room. A basket is the obvious/simplest solution. And yet.

  4. Carol Crump Bryner

    All these outdoor “rooms” are so appealing. I would happily spend time in any of them. It might be fun to have your readers share some more “realistic” outdoor space photos. I think it’s the beautiful rugs that most fascinate me. We have a photo of my husband’s great-grandfather, his wife, and six children taken outside in Vladivostok, Russia. They are gathered on a big patterned carpet amongst the grass and trees.

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