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As people who spend a considerable amount of time on our computers, we’re both trying to figure out how and where to create small, functional, and attractive work spaces in our homes.  Here are some beautiful and inspiring home offices where we would love to blog our hearts out (we’d have to bring our own computers to most of them–these spaces seem to have the necessities of actually working styled out of them):

Mera’s favorite is the first one with Dall sheep-esque chair, and Katie feels like she could write a novel and a half in the second to last one (sustained, naturally, by the cereal already on the table). Which is your favorite?

14 responses on “Home Office Inspiration

  1. y2knina

    Isn’t it interesting how none of these offices seem to require wires or plugs of any kind? 😉

    I like the third one, with its masculine-feminine balance, lots of texture, that boss table/desk, and oh, that gallery wall of moons. Plus I’m betting that crock on the desk is filled with cookies. So, no-brainer, really.

  2. artpippin

    I love the first one. It’s so dreamy with the window above the desk. I could easily see myself sitting there working away!

  3. Laura (PA Pict)

    I like 3 and 5 best. I love all the light in 5 so I think the idea of having an art studio full of books appeals to me. And I like 3 because of the use of light paint and the picture gallery on the walls.

    I’m going to have to tackle our study at some point. It’s a converted garage that is lined with orangey pine. Every surface. We ripped out the impractical narrow shelves already and put in book cases but now we have to pause and think. Clearly it needs painted but we can’t do that until we do more structural work, if required. The study is also our spare room so it can’t be too officey either. And it’s where I store my vacuum cleaner and clothes horse. It’s clearly a multi-functional space. It’s a race between it and the master bedroom as to which will be renovated last because both are such puzzles.

    1. k80bennett

      I hear you, Laura. Trying to cram guest room/office/craft space functionality into the Chamber of Secrets has been a real brain bender.

  4. Carol Crump Bryner

    I’m totally with Katie on this one. I always gravitate toward a window when I need a work space, (but could never sit with my back against the view) and I love the comfort and simplicity and feeling of nookishness about this setup. The cereal is an added bonus!

  5. michellet2013

    Ample light, a clutter free desk, a comfy chair, and snacks—I’m not sure that I could work in any of these spaces! But pressed to choose I’d pick the third from the last—although with that gorgeous wall of windows surely more daydreaming than work would get done!

  6. Katy Gilmore

    I like both Mera and Katie choices. And Laura, I had to google “clotheshorse.” I’d never heard a clothes rack called that- but I’m surprised you don’t call it a “winterdyke” (Scots) what a great word !

  7. Judy lehman

    IF I could have a space that was all my own I would choose Mera’s for my cabin home now and if I still lived in my former East coast 1900 home I would choose Katie’s choice for me and only me!

    I love looking out a window when doing desk work. I share our tiny messy office with my spouse but happily we both have windows over our work space and try not to be in there at the same time! It works!

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