Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s October, and time for our annual Halloween costume round-up!  Mera’s daughter Opal has declared that she is going to be a pink astronaut, but we adults are still trying to decide what to be.  Here are some costumes from around the web fun enough for a party but appropriate for trick or treating with the kids.

We love this arty Lichtenstein, and also love that it would be a relatively inexpensive costume, requiring little more than makeup and a wig.

One of the best parts of dressing up is getting into character – and in this costume you get twice the fun!

Just in time for Halloween


Talk about getting into character; how fun would it be to play everybody’s favorite wet blanket party guests from Portlandia?

If spending an evening as dour Candace isn’t quite your cup of (Portland’s finest organic, hand-picked) tea, maybe try this cute DIY disco ball costume from Oh Happy Day instead?

Both of us learned the hard way that mobility is an essential component of a good costume – but this narwhal is almost worth it (tortured expression required).

What’s your all-time favorite costume idea?

4 responses on “Halloween Costume Ideas

    1. Katie

      Mera & I were in Portland together last weekend and had a very Portlandia experience at a coffee shop. Those characters are spot-on 🙂

  1. Bonny

    Long ago I went as a toothbrush. I wore red long johns and a red hood with pipecleaners sticking out the back. I carried a Listerine bottle full of Yukon Jack, a tube of toothpaste made of a pillow with a striped yogurt container for a cap, and offered dental floss to all with rude comments about “oral stimulation”. I had a lot of fun with that.

    Post divorce, I went as a Black Hole, with a huge cowl scarf that I could draw up over my head and out to arms’ length, while making sucking, whooshing sounds.

    Both were dance-able costumes. Love the narwhal, but you gotta be able to dance!

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