Good Score, the Spooky Edition!

Over the past few weeks we’ve gotten a few submissions that seemed best saved for our favorite ghoulish holiday–welcome to a special Halloween edition of Good Score!

If you’re new to Red House West, Good Score is a monthly feature here at Red House West highlighting our readers’ secondhand finds. If you scored a great bargain at a thrift store, found a treasure on the side of the road, or discovered a one-of-a-kind gem at a yard sale, we’d love to hear about it! Please send a picture and a brief description of what, where and how much to -OR- use the hashtag #rhwgoodscore on Instagram and the last Friday of each month we’ll share a few highlights. To see previous Good Scores, click here.

Okay everyone, gird your loins because things are about to get freaky.

From Leslie:

I was in a really great local vintage furniture store when I spied these two lamps made from some species of deer’s legs behind the counter. I had this really weird feeling of “I can’t really explain it, but I think I need those?” and before I knew it, they were in my car. Now, I paid about $100 for the pair, so it wasn’t a rock bottom price, but something about them spoke to me, and they seemed like a good score in the unique/haunting way. Anyway, I think that with the right shade (which will be extremely neutral – these guys have enough going on without adding pattern/colour/other doodads!) these will look really cool on either side of my bed.
Anyway, I hope they don’t offend anyone. I know that taxidermy was in vogue at some point, but it’s not everyone’s taste, and even my facebook community was pretty divided when I posted a photo of them. Feel free to put it to a vote in the comments. 🙂 
Red House West||Good Score
From Scott:
Purchased at a semi-permanent garage sale in Coos Bay. The woman had dreams of owning an antique store, but I don’t think quite has it right yet.
Red House West||Good Score
From Katie:
I’ve got two to share.  Technically I guess they’re not Good Scores because no way was I bringing these things home; coming across them when I’m flipping through photos on my phone is harrowing enough.  For real – this portrait of a doll gives me the heebie jeebies.  No matter where you go she’s watching you.  All plump cheeks and diabolical eyes.  The question that must be asked is who had this hanging on their wall, and contemplating the answer makes my blood run cold.

doll for GS
Clowns are inherently freaky, but this one’s awkwardly lewd pose juxtaposed against a quite benign facial expression takes it to the next level.  Just imagine this thing illuminated in an otherwise dark room.  Like I said, I didn’t actually bring it home, but if anyone needs it chances are it’s still there.  On the shelf.  With it’s tiny feet and tension-filled hands.  Being disgusting and evil.
clown for GS
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!  Have a fun one!

3 responses on “Good Score, the Spooky Edition!

  1. y2knina

    Katie, I am with you … there is nothing spookier than a spooky doll. As a kid, I always worried that my dolls came to life at night and …. did things. You know, whatever animated dolls do. (Thankfully I never found out.) I do remember once having a fit and throwing my Chatty Cathy doll down the basement steps. I wanted her to say “I love you” but she just kept saying “Change my dress” over and over. I was terrified she was going to make me pay and couldn’t set foot in the basement until my mother (brave woman) removed her. To this day I have no idea what happened to her and I don’t wanna know!

    I don’t know how you feel about potty mouth talk here but, that clown? I took one look and all I could think was: “I’m Shittin’ on Top of the World….” Sorry!

    Happy Halloween all!

    1. k80bennett

      Nina – I’m scared of your Chatty Kathy doll just reading this! And your song is brilliantly and appropriately (in all ways) apt. That clown is grrrrroooooooossss.

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