June Good Score!

Good Score! is a monthly feature here at Red House West highlighting our readers’ secondhand finds.  If you scored a great bargain at a thrift store, found a treasure on the side of the road, or discovered a one-of-a-kind gem at a yard sale, we’d love to hear about it! Please send a picture and a brief description of what, where and how much to redhousewest@gmail.com -OR- use the hashtag #rhwgoodscore on Instagram and the last Friday of each month we’ll share a few highlights. To see previous Good Scores, click here.
Thanks so much to the folks who sent in Good Scores this month!  We love seeing what you’re finding and we love sharing them.  Please send us more.  MOAR!  And now for the fun part!

A bounty from Elisa:

First, I got some plant pots which makes me very happy because we have no yard and have to pot all our plant dreams.  I always have pot sticker shock so I was happy to find some for $2 each!  My favorite may be the small blue and white pot that looks like I plucked it off a Dutch or Turkish person’s ancient windowsill, but I also scored a yellow and brown, and multi-color.

Thrifted Pots
Second, I got a really fun carved wooden coat rack thingy.  It is imported from Indonesia from David Smith and Co. and has my current favorite color- turquoise.  It also has peacocks, so … you know, that is something new. Plus, magically it exactly fits in the tiny entryway space we have even though I totally forgot to measure it before buying.  Hooray!  $20, but well worth it for a little fun.
Peacock coat rack
Finally, for $5 I got a small carved and and shell-inlaid wooden table (plant stand?  Not sure what its function is meant to be or will end up).  I am a major carved wood and inlay enthusiast- but I actually don’t have almost any of it because it is always too expensive and impractical.  But cheap and impractical and I am in!
Screen shot 2014-06-26 at 8.28.06 PM
From Brandi:
From the thrift store.  I love the shape of this small dish and I now search for this designer, Ben Seibel, whenever I encounter dishes.
Ben SeibelBottom of dish

Thanks again to those who sent in their good scores and thanks to everyone for reading along.  Have a great weekend, and check back in on Monday for an update on Katie’s dining room!

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  1. Carol Crump Bryner

    More great things to look at. I’m especially taken with that carved coat rack painted turquoise. And love that sweet dish and the thought of having a name to search for when you’re shopping for dishes.

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