Good Score!

Good Score! is a weekly feature here at Red House West highlighting our readers’ secondhand finds. If you scored a great bargain at a thrift store, found a treasure on the side of the road, or discovered a one-of-a-kind gem at a yard sale, we’d love to hear about it! Please send a picture and a brief description of what, where and how much to and each Friday we’ll share a couple of highlights.

Thanks so much to everyone who submitted a Good Score this week!  Some real gems landed in our email inbox, so let’s get started, shall we?

Purchased at favorite second-hand store in Anchorage, Alaska, I think I paid about $7 and can’t remember when, but a long time ago. Not a steal, this purchase, but oh the cultural history in this battered tin. Years and years worth of cookies have failed to sweeten these visages. In spite of communing with them daily for so long, I am longing to replace them with a Kate and William tin for our “biscuits”!  -Katy G.


We found these Fire King “delphite blue” party dishes at Cone Ball Antiques in Eugene, OR. That Saturday morning they held a $1-$5 sale to celebrate the opening of the Saturday Market. These two milk glass plates from the late 50’s were marked $1.00. Turns out, they fit right into our dining room decor, the blue offsetting the orange walls and the gold rim matching our tableware and chandelier very nicely. We put them to the test and loved them so much we found more on Ebay–also very reasonably priced. A great score not only for the price, but because we discovered one of the most elusive pieces to our dining room puzzle.   -Tiffany



I had the dream of having a beach house. I planned to decorate it from thrift stores, yard sales… Where else?   The plan was for 50’s – 60’s, the tackier the better. I had visions of plastic curtains with strawberries, bizarre dish towels (which I have), a chrome dinette set with boomerangs, lots of sand on the floor… Life has a way of intervening and the beach house took a different form.  The plastic curtains didn’t go with us.  But there’s a beach wherever we are, right? First we have “Violet” (for obvious reasons) and next is “Clarice” (for no obvious reason).  -Carol S. M.

3 responses on “Good Score!

  1. michellet2013

    What fun to see everyone’s “treasures.” I especially like the Charles and Diana tin—both for the memories of Charles & Diana’s fabulous wedding and Katy’s cookies. Thanks Mera and Katie—love your blog!

  2. Carol Crump Bryner

    Great combination of finds. I could picture using every one of them. Ah – Charles and Diana – those were the days. Are those fish friends of your fish Katie? They look like they’d be happy together.

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