Faraway Friday Vol. 5

7 responses on “Faraway Friday Vol. 5

  1. papict

    I have sadly never been to Venice but it is on my bucket travel list along with much of the rest of Italy. Of the places in Italy that i have visited, Rome has a grip on my heart. I actually feel Romesick every time I see photos of Italy. And my husband is a complete geek for all things Ancient Roman so he agrees with me.

    New York I have actually only been to twice, once in August 2001 and then again last February (a trip I blogged about). As we now live in the Philly suburbs, we really ought to take more trips to NYC. It really is a fantastic city.

    I hope you both get to your dream destinations.

    1. meramatthews

      I agree on all fronts: Venice is a must see, and Rome is a must re-see. Romesick is a great term, I’m definitely going to trot that one out. Touring the Colosseum and Palatine Hill was one of the best travel days I’ve ever had. Thanks!

  2. Katy Gilmore

    Both your cities rank high on my list of yes I’ll pack my bags now thank you places. I hope you get to go (or return)! Katie’s description of Venice at Christmas sounds just like I imagine it would be – and both choices at Christmas deserve the word magical writ large. Thanks for these moments of thinking about these cities – specially in this season!

  3. y2knina

    Having been born and raised in NJ, I spent a lot of time in Manhattan. This truly is the most magical time to be there.

    And Venice. Is there a better place on earth to just wander and get lost? No. No, there is not.

    Happy dreaming everyone!

  4. mcncampion

    Oh, gosh … I MUST see Venice. And, Mera: I wish I could pack you in my rolling bag. I’m headed to NYC with a girlfriend for a long weekend, Dec. 11-14. (So much easier from here than from the west coast … to say nothing of AK!) I do love NYC.

  5. michellet2013

    Two of my favorite cities—so very different from each other, yet both equally enthralling. I hope that the travel fairies work their magic and that you both get to take these trips in the near future—I can have my bags packed in about five minutes!

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