Faraway Friday Vol. 3

Welcome to volume three of our monthly feature Faraway Friday!  We are both itinerant daydreamers and when we’re not consulting each other about Craigslist yay or nays, we’re fantasizing together about a trip we want to take to [insert exotic location].  Once a month we’ll share a few of our far flung fantasy destinations with you here on the blog; thanks for joining us!

From Katie:

My dad hails from Australia but I haven’t been back in ages, so a visit to the land of strange marsupials is topping my list.  I’m dying to reconnect with family in Western Australia, but I’m also dreaming of seeing Tasmania – a place I’ve never been.  Images of the landscape are arresting, and I’d love to head out for a hike in the rugged ranges of Cradle Mountains National Park:


Even way over here in Oregon I can hear the turquoise waters of Wineglass Bay calling me.  Listen, can you hear it?  Katie, pssssst, Katie, let me wrap you in my white sand embrace. 


Finally: WOMBATS.  And also all the other unabashedly weird creatures – including Tasmanian Devils – you can’t find on any other continent.  But WOMBATS.

From Mera:

For those of you in the sweltering parts of the country it may be hard to believe, but here in Alaska it is full-on fall.  It’s suddenly dark at a reasonable hour, I’m wearing my favorite chunky fisherman sweater, and Chester made a big pot of white-bean soup this weekend.  The truth is, after our big England trip in July, I’m yearning to stay closer to home to enjoy the waning days of summer here in Alaska.

Even though I grew up here, there is so much of the State that I haven’t seen.  I’ve barely stepped foot into Wrangell-Saint Elias National Park, and I’m itching for a good camping trip.

Thanks for coming along with us on our far-flung fantasy trips!  Have a great weekend everyone, we hope to see you on Monday when Katie will be back with another post from her home-front before heading back up to Eastern Washington.

4 responses on “Faraway Friday Vol. 3

  1. Judy lehman

    Katie, do not get me started on tassie and cradle mountain trail and then heavenly Bruny island where we had the most unforgettable time at a hostel and camped (Mera) and hiked to the most beautiful beach ever and were totally alone except for a wallabee who joined us for tea! go, go, go!

  2. Judy lehman

    Mera, I was forlorn missing the cove this month BUT we hiked from our door between raindrops and made it up the notch and have picked buckets if blueberries to freeze and today currents were ready! Tomorrow is fuji’s surgery with dr. Edwards. I wish I could prepare him. He is so trusting!!!

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