Faraway Friday, Vol. 2

Welcome to volume two of our monthly feature Faraway Friday! We are both itinerant daydreamers and when we’re not consulting each other about Craigslist yay or nays, we’re fantasizing together about a trip we want to take to [insert exotic location].  Once a month we’ll share a few of our far flung fantasy destinations with you here on the blog; thanks for joining us!

From Mera:

A year and a half ago we went to Thailand for the home-town wedding of Chester’s brother and his beautiful bride.  It was a great trip and I’m so grateful that we went, but with a crawling 12-month-old in tow there were a lot of adventures that we decided to save for a future trip.  I’m dreaming of that trip now, and Chiang Mai with its famous food and textile markets is on my list of must-sees:



From Katie:

My dreams are taking me northward to a hike in Iceland along the Laugavegurin (so glad I am writing that, not trying to say it) Trail. I have always wanted to go to Iceland – with its treeless, craggy coastline and milky blue geothermal pools – and to see it slowly, by foot, so I have time to drink it all in sounds perfect.

What about you? Where are your daydreams taking you? We’ll be back next week with posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday – have a terrific weekend!

4 responses on “Faraway Friday, Vol. 2

  1. Dan B

    Those photos of Iceland are amazing. It’s definitely on my list of places to go but I hear it’s incredibly expensive! I bet it’s well worth the expense though.

    1. k80bennett

      I haven’t yet made it past the daydream phase and into the logistics phase, but these pictures (and the many others I’ve seen–Iceland just might be the most photogenic country) are making me ready to look into cost/travel/etc. Thanks for chiming in!

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