Faraway Friday Vol. 4

Welcome to volume four of our occasional feature Faraway Friday!  We are both itinerant daydreamers and when we’re not consulting each other about Craigslist yay or nays, we’re fantasizing about trips we want to take to [insert exotic location].  Once a month we’ll share a few of our far flung fantasy destinations with you here on the blog; thanks for joining us!

From Katie: It was 90 degrees in Eugene last weekend, but today it’s gray and cool and rain is lashing against the side of the house.  Our garden looks like fall – leaves are turning, the growth of our unruly mint patch is finally slowing,  and the smell of the last of the plums fermenting on the ground is sharp and sweet.  I love the change of seasons and I’m not yearning to get away, but I wouldn’t mind taking this autumn feeling and turning it up a notch.

Acadia National Park in Maine makes my stomach hurt it’s so pretty!  I’d happily head east for fiery foliage during the day and warm drinks by a cozy fire at night.

From Mera:

We had a quick visit recently from our adventurous friends who we travelled to Nepal with in 2008.  We started talking about whether, now that all of our kids are over 2, we could manage–and enjoy–a trip to Vietnam. It’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit, and from the little bit of searching around I’ve done so far it seems like it’s doable with kids.

Finally, we are excited to announce that Laura of A Pict in PA is the winner of our Good Score giveaway! Congratulations to Laura, who is on day 25 of a 40 drawings in 40 days exercise, and her illustrations are terrific–definitely check out her blog! We’re going to hold off on an actual Good Score post until we have a few more submissions, so send in your thrifted nonpareils or free treasures to redhousewest@gmail.com, or tag them on Instagram #rhwgoodscore. Have a great weekend!

3 responses on “Faraway Friday Vol. 4

  1. Carol Crump Bryner

    You guys dream in super-technicolor. Beautiful photos. I’ve been to Acadia and can attest to its beauty, but Vietnam does look appealing warm on this cool fall day.

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