Etsy Finds!

We both love finding inspiration and unique treasures on Etsy, so once a month or so we share round-ups of some of our favorite Etsy items and sellers so you can see them too.  Thanks for joining us!

From Katie:

I’ve had my eye on these mixed media pieces by Hollie Chastain for a long time.  I love the vintage palette and the energy of her work.

craterlakeIdHolly Chastain1

Another mixed media artist I love is Kari Herer.  Her combination of simple line drawings with photography of pastel-hued florals makes for such sweet and interesting images.




From Mera:

I’m completely enchanted by the ceramics of Clay Opera.  I love the whimsical shapes and fairy tale faces:

Red House West || Etsy Finds

Red House West || Etsy Finds

Red House West || Etsy Finds

I’ve been experimenting with paper cutting lately and it’s given me a new appreciation for the art.  Annabella67’s work is quirky and intricate, and I’m a big fan.

Red House West || Etsy Finds

Red House West || Etsy Finds

Red House West || Etsy Finds

Have a great week everyone!

7 responses on “Etsy Finds!

  1. Gillianne

    My parents brought several remarkably intricate papercut pieces back from China long ago. A framed one from my mother remains a cherished piece that says “home” to me wherever I go. Nice to see your choices here.

  2. Carol Crump Bryner

    All of these pieces are so appealing. I especially like the bugs, but would not complain if I had that plate with the skirted girls on it.

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