Etsy Finds!

We both love finding inspiration and unique treasures on Etsy, so once a month or so we share round-ups of some of our favorite Etsy items and sellers so you can see them too.  Thanks for joining us!

From Katie:

I return again and again to admire the work of The Link Collective, an Etsy shop based in Tokyo, Japan.  Their textiles are gorgeous, and would be perfect to wear, to gift, or to hang as art.

Red House West||Etsy Finds March

Red House West||Etsy Finds March

They even sell leather straps so the fabric can be folded into a pretty bag:

Red House West||Etsy Finds March

I am blown away by how much personality Sarah Walton is able to put into her art using just some thread and a few scraps of fabric.  She sells mostly prints in her Etsy shop, but there are a few originals in there too.  Here’s Mera and me sometime down the road with our vibrant dresses and unruly dogs:

Red House West||Etsy Finds March

Red House West||Etsy Finds March

From Mera:

With verdant colors on a clean white background, Louise van Terheijden’s watercolors give me a welcome spring feeling:

Red House West || Etsy Finds il_570xN.405788394_r2unI am seriously tempted by these elegant pendant lights by Iumi Design.  They come in an appealing-looking kit for assembly, which might be just enough to scratch the mild DIY itch I have about the light in our breakfast nook.

Red House West || Etsy Finds


Mera’s back on Wednesday with a make-under of a mid-century chair found on Craigslist–come on back!

9 responses on “Etsy Finds!

  1. Katy Gilmore

    Love all these things – and those embroidered pieces so amazing. something about that machine stitching (must be machine?) is just perfect to capture the chaotic outlines of the “unruly dogs” – and what gorgeous lamps!

    1. k80bennett

      Agreed! It is machine stitching, and there is something exactly right about the way it captures the personality of both dogs and people 🙂

  2. Carol Crump Bryner

    Who would have thought of folding a cloth into a bag like that? Kind of like “hobo art.” And the women and dogs are so spirited. Thanks for these offerings. Love them all.

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