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Hi everyone and welcome back from the long weekend!  We both took advantage of the break to get away from our computers and into the woods – it felt good to unplug and fun to do some daydreaming about the coming summer months.

It has been ages since we’ve done a round up of DIYs we’re inspired to try and, with long days and warm nights on the brain, we thought we’d share some fun outdoor-inspired tutorials from around the web.

From Katie:

There have been a lot of evenings spent around our backyard firepit recently, and we’re in dire need of some more seating.  I love this cheerful macrame update to old metal lawn chairs, and Scoops’ tutorial over on Deuce Cities Henhouse is awesomely detailed!

Red House West || DIYs to TryRed House West || DIYs to TryThese little paper lanterns are so charming!  They could definitely work for the winter holidays too, but I think they’d be perfect – perhaps with battery-powered candles – out on the picnic table for a warm summer dinner.

Red House West || DIYs to TryI can see these family-portrait-coloring-book pages being so fun for both kids and adults!  I love the thought of doing this with some awkward childhood photos, and can imagine they’d be a real hit as a party favor at a wedding or reunion too.

Red House West || DIYs to TryRed House West || DIYs to Try

From Mera:

Under my mother in law’s care, our backyard was a magical wonderland that delighted garden tour visitors.  I’m ashamed by how far it has fallen under my (lack of) care, but the beautiful weather we’ve been having has inspired me to work on making the yard special again.

I love Otomi, and this little garden table is a sweet way to bring the pattern outside.

This spray painted outdoor rug is a simple project and a good way to define an outdoor space without spending a bundle.

This table may not necessarily be a central part of backyard beautification, but it sure looks fun!

What outdoor DIY projects are on your list?

2 responses on “DIYs to Try

  1. Laura (Pict Ink)

    Those are all great ideas. I especially like the lantern and the little garden table.

    I sadly have no outdoor DIY projects on my list right now. We are too busy having to deal with structural problems outdoors that involve getting in experts and shelling out a whole ton of money to have the time, energy or finances to do anything fun or creative. The winter temperatures destroyed our front path and steps. We are having rebarred poured concrete put in to replace it. That’s the opposite of fun design but we have to be practical and pragmatic. Ugh.

    My indoor DIY project, however, is to polish up our 1970s fixed plant trough and turn it into a decorative shelf. So there’s that at least.

    1. Katie

      Oh, ugh. I feel you on the lameness of practical and pragmatic. We’re going to be funneling a bunch of time and money into replacing our siding this year and I am … un-enchanted. Your plant trough project sounds fun!

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