DIY Friday Vol. 6

Hey everybody, and welcome to the sixth installment of our DIY Friday series!  One Friday a month we do a roundup of DIY projects from around the web that we’re dying to try.  You can check out previous DIY Friday posts, as well as some of our own DIY ventures, here.  Now for this month’s inspiration!

From Katie:

I did an introductory workshop on silk dyeing at the university this week, and loved playing around with dye resist techniques.  This wall hanging DIY, using paraffin wax and RIT dye, looks like a wonderful version to try at home – I’m loving the rumpled texture and beautiful indigo color.

I’m in the market for a couple new hanging planters since the two I had in my upstairs bathroom were broken in a woeful accident (pro tip: hanging recently-watered plants from a tension rod is a surefire recipe for heartbreak).  This DIY planter made from painted rope is cute and cheerful and appealingly unbreakable.

From Mera:

Well I’d love to provide you with variety, but I’m inadvertently copying Katie with another coiled basket technique (most of the time I copy her completely on purpose). I’m still on the hunt for ways to conceal blah planters and I really like the look of these:

Deborah Needleman says in The Perfectly Imperfect Home that every place to sit should have a light, a place to put a book, and a spot to put up your feet.  I’ve had this clever ottoman made from a utility bucket tutorial in my DIY archives for a long time and I think it’s time to give it a try.

Thanks for reading along–have a great weekend everyone!

3 responses on “DIY Friday Vol. 6

  1. Carol Crump Bryner

    There’s a Chemex coffee maker in that ottoman picture! Coffee cup and footstool ala the 70’s. AND a chair that looks like something from Katie’s collection. All those planters just scream “snake charmer” to me. I love these DIY Fridays. Very fun.

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