DIY Friday Vol. 5

Hey everybody, and welcome to the fifth installment of our DIY Friday series!  One Friday a month we do a roundup of DIY projects from around the web that we’re dying to try.  You can check out previous DIY Friday posts, as well as some of our own DIY ventures, here.  Now for this month’s inspiration!

From Katie:

I have piles, nay mountains, of unframed artwork accumulating in corners of my home.  Framing can be expensive, so I’ve been hunting for affordable and simple DIY alternatives.  This would be a great way to get stuff off the floor and onto the walls!

How adorable are these bookends?!  They look super easy to make – just spray paint plastic animals (it would be a fun thrift store mission to hunt for some) and glue them to chunks of stone or brick.

From Mera:

Fall in Alaska means cooler temperatures and shorter days, but it also means the abrupt end of spray painting season.  The day is fast approaching, so I’m eager to do all the spray painting projects I’ve had in mind but haven’t gotten to including this idea for DIY tomato cage plant stands:


Image Source and DIY Source

The shorter days also mean that I’m turning on more lights in the evening and trying to create a warm and cozy feeling in the house. Nothing does that better than string lights, but I’m not a big fan of bare bulbs of any sort. I have lovely paper covered string lights my mother-in-law made in the entryway, and this DIY looks like it could provide a nice complement to those (probably in different colors than shown here though).

Thanks for popping in to check out our DIY wish lists.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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