DIY Friday vol. 2

Hi everybody, and welcome to DIY Friday, Vol. 2.  Before we launch into our DIY wish lists, we wanted to let you know that we updated our About Us page – go take a look if you’re interested!  And now the good stuff:

From Mera:

I’m really curious about wax-resist fabric dyeing, but real batiking intimidates me.  This looks like a version I could manage:

I love the look of campaign chests and I think they would be perfect as bedside tables in our bedroom, but they’re crazy expensive.  I’m scouring Craigslist for something similar to the Ikea dresser used in this brilliant hack:

From Katie:

I love the combination of the hyper-real images on these soft pillows, and I really like the photographs and colors they used. I have been curious about Spoonflower – an online shop where you can submit your own image or design and have it made into fabric, wallpaper, or other items – but have never tried it. I took a quick glance at their website, and it looks like starting price for a yard of custom fabric is $15.75, which seems reasonable. So many possibilities!

Aaaaaand, my love affair with concrete continues.  It would be so fun to look for unusual shapes to make these planters, and I’d love to have a cluster of them by the front door filled with colorful plants.

As always, thanks for reading along!  Mera will be back on Monday with a celebration of the summer solstice, I’ll be posting from my red house on Wednesday, and next Friday is Good Score!  We would (really, truly, from the bottom of our hearts) love to include a great find of yours!  Send ’em in folks.

4 responses on “DIY Friday vol. 2

  1. Carol Crump Bryner

    That hot wax for batik can be scary. The wax resist seems like a great alternative. And I love those shapes for the planters. Do you think you could color the cement before you made them?

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