Our Holiday Wish For You: Cozy Reading Spaces

Hi everyone!  As we mentioned on Wednesday, today will be our last post of 2014. We are both looking forward to lots of time with our families in the next two weeks, but also hoping for some quiet moments amid the chaos of the holidays. We are each deep into great novels right now (Katie is reading Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel, and Mera is reading book three of the Neapolitan Novels by Elena Ferrante). Our year-end wish for you, dear Red House West readers, is that in the coming weeks you too can find a quiet moment to cuddle up with an engrossing book, or furry creature or, better yet, both. With that in mind, we bring you this cozy roundup of beautiful reading spaces. We look forward to seeing you back here after the New Year and wish you the happiest of holiday seasons.

Which one would you most like to curl up in?

7 responses on “Our Holiday Wish For You: Cozy Reading Spaces

  1. PA Pict

    I love the ones where the entire wall is nothing but books. The first time I saw Sir Walter Scott’s home library, as a small child, I knew I needed books everywhere. In my last home in Scotland, there were book cases and shelves in literally every room of the house. In my new home, in Pennsylvania, I have plans to create a reading corner in one area of the formal living room – though there are book cases in several rooms. That is one of my new year projects. Happy Holidays!

  2. michellet2013

    I love all of these cozy reading spots and lovely bookcases (you never can have too many)! Happy Christmas to you both and Happy New Year to Red House West!

  3. y2knina

    Ooooooooooh, that first photo is so inviting and moody. I don’t see any place convenient to put my tea, though. That’s OK; I’ll bring my flask instead. 🙂

    Mera & Katie, I am so happy to have “discovered” your blog this year. Thank you for generously sharing so much of your lives and style. I miss my best girlfriend so much since moving. I feel like if she were as computer savvy as I (which is to say, she can just about turn her computer on whereas I can attach a picture to an email. Yes, I’m such a techie!) that we would be able to share like you guys do. So your blog is kind of the next best thing.

    I wish you both a wonderful Christmas and all the best in the coming year.


  4. Carol Crump Bryner

    Happy curling-up-with-books to you both! Thank you so much for this blog, which seems like a gift three times a week. Happy New Year to you – looking forward to seeing more of Red House West in 2015.

  5. Susan

    I’d like to be like Goldilocks and go from room to room trying out chairs and sofa and chaise. And, of course perusing ALL those lovely, crowded shelves: would I ever leave??? Thank you, lovely Mera and Katie, for your lively conversations on life, decor and animal habitat.

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