Color Trend: Army Green

Shades of green were trending in interiors even before Emerald’s 2013 designation as Pantone color of the year, but lately it seems that saturated jewel tones have yielded the stage to a dustier hue.  We’re calling it army green, but there’s nothing martial about the spaces where it seems to look best.  This color loves a spare and classic space, where its soft voice is easily heard.

It’s no mistake that army green is a predominate color in camouflage — it blends seamlessly with the natural world.  In this bedroom the painted wall is the perfect backdrop for the organic textures and other natural elements:

The addition of black accents to the white tile and green cabinetry makes this kitchen decidedly chic.

This monochromatic still life is made perfect by the addition of the angular army-green lamp.

Photo by Jacque Devilliers, found here

Photo by Jac de Villiers, found here

We’d like to join this cactus in saluting the chairs’ perfect shade of green:

Another beautifully rendered black, white, wood and green space:

This bathroom shows the glamorous side of army green.

Inspired to paint your walls green?  Here are some options from Benjamin Moore that might be worth a try:

Red House West || Army Green
Love the color, but don’t want it on your walls? Here are other ways to bring army green home:

Army Green1.  Linen Bedding   //   2. Leather Chair   //   3. Frond Print   //   4. Rug   //   5. Table Lamps //   6. Pillow


What do you think, is this a color you would use in your home? Do you already? We’re both pondering some options . . . .
Have a great week!

6 responses on “Color Trend: Army Green

  1. Nina

    I love this color. It is the dominant color in our dining room rug, which is one of my very favorite things in the whole house. It’s also a color I love to wear.

    On another note: are you only posting weekly now? I feel like I missed a memo. I keep checking on Mondays and being disappointed. I will train myself to think of you from now on as Red House Wednesday. 🙂

    Love the saluting cactus, BTW!

    1. Katie

      You must have been communing with the fishes! Early this year we announced that we were going to do a once-a-week posting trial, to see if it helped us balance out the rest of our work/lives. And it has! We’ll keep with the once weekly for now, but keep evaluating to make sure it’s working out.

      I love to wear army/olive green, too, and your rug sounds beautiful!

  2. Carol Bryner

    I’ve looked around my house and seem to have absolutely none of this green anywhere except in my plants. And even there it isn’t exactly army green. I love the examples you present, especially the ones using the green as an accent in chairs, lamps, and pillows.
    Green, by the way, is the nemesis of many a painter. I loathe mixing green. It never comes out the same way twice, and to paint a large area of grass or foliage is one of my least favorite activities.
    I wasn’t able to comment last week, but I did so enjoy your post on linen bedding. Thanks!

  3. Margaret Campion

    I’m surprised to say that I like the first (the wall behind the bed) and the second (the kitchen cabinets) of the greens. I’m not a true green-y … or, didn’t think so. Do you know what the name of the color is on the bedroom wall? (if not, no worries … 🙂

  4. Lea

    When we bought our house the dining room was painted that green. Our first project was repainting to replace it with linen white. It took a lot of coats to cover the green, but it was worth it. I find the smaller doses of the lamp, chairs, etc much more appealing.

    1. Katie

      I think it looks best on walls when the furniture/floors/woodwork are all white, like in these inspiration images. We have a lot of (darker) wood furniture in our house, and I think the effect of green walls would be heavy rather than tranquil.

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