A Good Read For the Long Weekend

We hope you’re enjoying the long weekend!  If you find yourself with some leisure time today, Making House: Notes on Domesticity by Rachel Cusk is worth a read.

This article really delves into the feeling of restlessness and discontent that can accompany decorating a home in earnest; a feeling both of us have talked about and, at times, struggled with. It also speaks to something that used to be a big part of our “About Us” blurb–when we first started Red House West we confessed to being nervous that writing about decorating would diminish us or make us seem frivolous.  Cusk writes, “there are other imperatives that bedevil the contemporary heirs of traditional female identity, for whom insouciance in the face of the domestic can seem a sort of political requirement, as though by ceasing to care about our homes we could prove our lack of triviality, our busyness, our equality.”

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