A Cozy Round-Up: Throw Blankets

Autumn has indisputably arrived in Anchorage, and crisp mornings and chilly evenings are evidence that its arrival is imminent in Eugene as well. Pulling our wooly throw blankets out of the closet and onto the couch is a welcome herald of the season, and we’re enjoying them as much for the way they change the look of our rooms as for their cozy warmth. Here are some inspiring spaces made even more inviting by the addition of throws:

And here are nine throws we’d love to curl up under — these options are either wool or cotton, and all cost $110 or under.

Cozy Blankets


|| 1. Wool Plaid, $101 || 2. Rose Throw, $100 || 3. Yak Wool Blanket, $37 || 4. Baroque Jacquard $60 || 5. Pia Wallen Cross Throw, $99 || 6. Buffalo Plaid Throw, $110 || 7. Symbology Throw, $69
|| 8. Bunkhouse Blanket, $34.99 || 9. Chunky Knit Merino Throw, $79 ||
How do you bring a fall feeling inside this time of year? Check back in with us on Wednesday, and see if you can spot a blanket from the round-up in Mera’s house!

4 responses on “A Cozy Round-Up: Throw Blankets

  1. Carol Bryner

    In Alaska sometimes that fall feeling never goes away, so our throw blankets stay out all year. I’m ashamed to say that my favorite throw to cuddle under in the evenings is a cheap fleecy one from Target. It’s not even very pretty, but does the trick, while the pretty hand-knitted ones sit idle.

  2. Katy Gilmore

    Such perfect timing. I’d just this morning looked at the little stack of plaid wool throws in our away room (Mera would call it the adult lounge) and thought, oh soon I can unstack those and make a mismatched, cheerful cozy cover for this couch! My Hudson Bay throw, however, has never been stacked – it’s a constant companion even in summer. I love, love the wool throws, some are really old and still oh so functional, seem to radiate heat. Look forward to spotting Mera’s throw.

  3. Gillianne

    Yup, I just pulled out a couple of throws here in Eugene. The coolness in the air is so refreshing! (FYI, the link for the bunkhouse blanket brings up the symbology throw.)

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