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Cozy Rooms for Winter

If you follow us on Instagram, you may have seen our recent images of snow and ice.  Up in Anchorage, Mera posted this photo of Cromwell the cat counting snowflakes from his warm perch.

Red House West || Cozy Fireplaces

While down in Eugene, the incessant rain stopped just long enough for Katie to snap this picture of her frosty red house at the end of a rainbow:

Red House West: Get CozyWhen the outdoor air is frigid, there’s nothing better than coming into a house and cozying up next to a crackling fire.  Getting out of a warm bed in the morning this time of year is already hard for both of us, but if we had a wood stove next to our beds – forget about it.

This decidedly British hearth looks like the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of tea and buttery crumpets.



In this room we like the wooden beams and the way the angle of the chimney matches that of the sloping wall. We’d gladly swap our laptops for that old typewriter in the corner and send you Red House West posts the old fashioned way.

This room isn’t exactly cozy–it could use a warm rug or some other textiles, but we like the artistry of the wood storage and the warmth it adds to this mostly white room.

The snacks are already laid out for us in this pretty, light-filled room – add a pillow, blanket, and book to that tufted bench and we would never leave.

While the decor in this room isn’t necessarily what we would choose – this is an example where the modern elements are fighting with the traditional architecture rather than complementing it – we absolutely adore that robin’s egg Swedish kakelugen.

This sweet A-frame in Los Angeles probably doesn’t really get cold enough to need the stove, but it gives us a cozy feeling just the same.

We hope you’re all staying snug and warm – come back on Wednesday for a post from Mera!