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What I’ll be Wearing Postpartum

*I’m writing this a few days ahead of schedule in the hopes that my baby has either just been born or is being born when this post is published.  Wish me luck!*

During the first sticky weeks after our baby boy arrives I’ll be wearing sweatpants and my bathrobe full time (Katie and I both have the lined version of this robe).  Once my hormones level out a little and I’m able to be up and about, I’m looking forward to wearing normal clothes again.  Normal, but with forgiving waistbands and the potential for quick-release boobs.  Here are three outfits I’m planning to sport.

The pants in this first ensemble are Madewell jeans, but they have an elastic waist.  YES, PLEASE.  I own the blanket cape, and it is lovely, heavy, and has a beautiful drape.

Fall Outfit 2

|| 1. Blanket Cape  || 2. Chambray Shirt  || 3. Earrings || 4. Booties  || 5. Watch  || 6. Pants  ||

With the addition of a nursing tank, this super casual get-up will probably be my maternity-leave uniform. I own the shirt already, which is flannel but thin and super soft.  I bought the earrings a while back after seeing them on Cup of Jo and they are perfect for everyday wear, so long as baby isn’t too much of a grabber.

Casual fall outfit

|| 1. Shirt  || 2. Shoes  || 3. Earrings || 4. Jeans  ||

I’ll wear this outfit when I want to feel a little more stylish, but still completely comfortable. If sleeveless turtlenecks aren’t your thing (totally valid to insist on sleeves on your arms if there’s a sleeve on your neck), these pants would also be cute with a boatneck breton and chunky heels like these or these.

Fall Outfit

|| 1. Sweater  || 2. Pants  || 3. Bracelet  ||  4. Loafers  || 5. Earrings  ||

What are your casual fall staples? Any favorite online retailers we should be checking out?