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Tile in Every Room!

For obvious reasons tile is a mainstay in kitchens and bathrooms, but lately we’ve seen it used to great effect in other parts of the home as well.  Aesthetically it’s hard to beat; add in radiant floor heating and we just might consider tile an option, even in the chilly climates we each call home (Katie swears on Fat Bunny’s sacred paunch that the heated slate tile in her upstairs bathroom is like standing on a warm cloud).  It seems almost criminal, after all, to relegate something so lovely to just a couple rooms of a house.

This first space turns tile norms on their heads with the wood floors in the dining room and kitchen, and the magnificent tumbling block pattern adorning the adjacent room:

This room is a longtime favorite here on RHW, in no small part because of the almost-ugly-but-somehow-beautiful mustard-hued tile:

mustard chair with half turquoise wall

source unknown

This large-scale checkered pattern works perfectly with all those lush greens and the dark blue walls.  We’re not actually sure whether this is tile or linoleum or a painted surface, but we’re hard-pressed to think of another flooring option that would look half as pretty:

This room is strongly reminiscent of Europe, though something about that brazenly brassy pineapple is throwing us for a loop.  We might add a rug to this space during colder months, but we also love it just the way it is:

The tile wainscoting and those perfectly patinaed floors take this room to the next level:

The floor is as busy as the rest of the room, but something about the strong geometry of the tile makes it almost restful amid the whimsically wacky florals:

Tile in a bedroom is decidedly unconventional, but this celestial pattern paired with textiles makes it cozy:

This living room is kooky and inviting, and we love the large-scale tile with the sky blue walls:

This sunroom/passageway/entryway may not be the most unusual place to use tile, but it’s so perfectly executed with the lavender walls, simple furnishings, elegant windows and art, that we had to include it:

What do you think? Have these spaces made a good case for using tile in every room in your home? Katie is ready to snuggle right up in that star-tiled bedroom (after removing the deer head from the wall) and Mera’s pick is the last one.  How about you?


Look We’re Loving: Best of Tile

When you visit our Pinterest boards, a few things quickly become clear. We love color, we love pattern, and we love – love – tile. Today we decided to share some of our favorites – whether it’s a kitchen backsplash, an accent for an inset shelf, or an entire floor, there is something undeniably chic about the way tile has been used in these rooms.

Do you have a favorite? We’re particularly enamored of the blue and yellow floor in the first image.  Happy Monday!