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Thanksgiving Table Top Ideas

Well folks, the imminence of the holidays can no longer be denied.  We’re both looking forward to festive dinners with friends and family in the coming weeks, and today we’ve rounded up our favorite holiday table settings from around the web.  We’re both drawn to settings that are unfussy, a little quirky, and that have a bit of sparkle.

Debra Szidon’s mix of gilded leaves, pink dishes and gold flatware is pretty much perfection.  And that textile?  YES PLEASE.

This centerpiece of green leaves, persimmons, magenta flowers and white candles is simple and pretty.

This one’s pretty fancy, but the addition of succulents, artichokes and brown glass bud vases adds nice texture and interest.

We love the eucalyptus leaves and be-pom pommed indigo runner!  This is elegant, but perfectly unfussy.

We also love the idea of using a plaid wool blanket as a table cloth.  A striped Hudson Bay blanket would look great too!

Combine the ideas in the next two photos and you would have a magical holiday table:

Justina Blakeney always gets it right, and the mixed patterns (made of scarves and wallpaper!) on her tables are the perfect backdrop for colored glassware, quirky vases and the little brass animals perched at each setting.

Are any of you hosting Thanksgiving this year?  What are your favorite elements for a festive table?  Have a wonderful weekend!