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An Updated Bedroom Design Plan & A Thank You Note To My House

We’ve hired pros for our new master bedroom remodel, so it is rapidly zooming into focus. The room is going to be done soon, but my decorating “plan” is still just a loosey-goosey collection of ideas.

As a reminder, here is what the room looked like in the raw “before” state:
Red House West || Bedroom Decisions
Red House West || Bedroom Decisions It’s hard to get a clear sense of scale, but just know that the room is tiny. The bed in these photos is a full, and it takes up pretty much the whole room. How to fit a queen bed and a closet for two was the challenge, and after taping out the size of a queen size bed on the floor, going through a whole pad of graph paper, and meeting with our awesome contractor, we’ve got a plan that’s going to work.
The closet is going in this long skinny eave that was housing Chester’s bitty closet and my sewing area:
Red House West || Master Bedroom
I had thought that we would each have a side of the eave as our designated closet, with a mix of drawers and hanging space (see my original closet plan here).  But after monkeying with the design I decided that the simplest solution is best.   The entire left side (where the dresser is in the photo above) will be built in drawers, and the entire right side will be hanging space with sliding doors.  This plan works better because the knee wall on the right side is actually higher than the one on the left (which slopes like a funhouse) so there’s more height for hanging clothes.  Will it be a long closet tube?  Yep.  Will it house both of our wardrobes? I desperately hope so.  Will it be a big improvement on our current closet sitch?  Most definitely.

Here’s a peek (in terribly lit iPhone photos) at what it looks like currently:

IMG_3538 IMG_3539Back to the decorating plan.  You might remember that I was debating between a spool bed and an upholstered bed.   I love spool beds, and I think they look especially sweet in small attic-y rooms, so when I found this I convinced myself it was the one (not in this color though):

The company’s website doesn’t include dimensions, but here’s the description: “The Farmhouse Spool Bed enjoys a vintage look that makes one nostalgic for the relaxed pace of a summer cottage. With its smaller scale, this bed will fit the coziest of bedrooms.”  Perfect!  My bedroom is cozy, I’m nostalgic for a relaxed pace, I enjoy a vintage look!  But when I got the dimensions I learned that what they bill as basically a dollhouse bed is TOO BIG for our bedroom.

Next I found this petite and simple bed at Serena and Lily:

Red House West || Master Bedroom

A totally different look, but I think it’s versatile and simple and, most importantly, it will fit in the room.  I thought I wanted a patterned fabric like the one I shared here, but after ordering fabric swatches I decided on a solid indigo linen.  With the sloped ceilings, paneled walls, and newly revealed wood floors, there’s a lot of pattern and texture in the room already.  I want the room to feel like a cozy and serene retreat for grown ups, so I figured solid was the way to go.  I bought the bed while it was on sale and got an email a few weeks later saying it was going into production, then nothing. For months. Finally in December I called customer service, and after talking to several people learned that my bed hadn’t gone into production because they didn’t actually have enough of the fabric to upholster it. They say they’ll get more in February, and to make it up to me they gave me an additional 40% off, and free shipping! Free furniture shipping to Alaska makes me feel like they’re paying me to buy this thing! I’m not counting my bed chickens before they hatch, but fingers crossed they’ll have enough fabric soon.

Assuming it all works out, I think it will look something like this (click here if you want to see previous plans):

Bedroom Plan Round 3

Finally, you might have heard about (or experienced) the big 7.1 earthquake we had here last weekend.  Nothing was damaged at our house, but the kitchen drawers and cabinets swung open, everything on the walls was akimbo, and a few things fell off the bookshelves.  To my dear darling house, house that survived the 1964 earthquake too, I say thank you.   You’ve earned those janky angles and sloping floors, and I am very grateful that you are strong and solid and keep my family safe.

Mera’s House: New Master Bedroom Decisions

The plan for our new bedroom is to use most of our existing furniture, but one thing we are definitely getting or making is a new bed.  The rooms that I’ve been drawing inspiration from mostly have upholstered beds, but I’ve also wanted a spool bed for a long time.  We can’t use a true four-poster because the ceilings are too sloping and low, but a low-post bed could work.

Here is a refresher on what we’re working with; the plan is to paint the wood-panelled walls and ceiling white, rip up the carpet to reveal the finished fir below, and build a new closet:

Red House West || Bedroom Decisions Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 8.09.13 PMThe current bed is beautiful, but it is a full and we definitely need a queen at least (both of us are all shoulders).  In the images below, the sloping ceilings and placement of the beds is similar to the layout of our bedroom.  While I wouldn’t choose exactly these beds (they wouldn’t fit in our bedroom without poking holes in the ceiling anyway), these pictures convince me that vertical posts can work well with a sloped ceiling.

I put together two mood boards using the rug I already have (purchased on eBay) and a few other things that I want to include in our bedroom to see how it would come together.

Master Bedroom version 1

Classic and pretty, but I’m worried it’s headed toward being stuffy.  Also, the bedside lamps are floating in space because I know we will use our Broyhill Brasilia nightstands, but they don’t look right with the spool bed.  It’s like when my hair was down past my waist and I could really only do one look, the renaissance fair maiden cum hippie mermaid, and then I cut my hair to shoulder length and felt like I could pull off anything from Debbie Harry to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  The spool bed is butt-length hair — pretty, but it defines the whole look.

With an upholstered bed the rest of the room can still be anything it wants.  Here are two rooms with upholstered headboards, where there is a lot of other color and pattern:

Here’s the second mood board using an upholstered headboard in a pretty fabric called “blue dandelion.”  If we go this route, I would probably have the bed made (I’ve had good luck with hiring marine upholsters for this sort of thing.  They’re precise and don’t charge an arm and a leg), or try to DIY it.  The bed would be straight across the back instead of curved.

Plans for a New Bedroom, version 2

See that triangle-shaped full-length mirror?  The idea came from the image below, and I love it, but it’s yet another thing that doesn’t work with a spool bed.

So that’s what I’m mulling over right now, and I’d love to get your input.  Upholstered or spool? Thanks!

Design History: Jenny Lind

Jenny Lind, also known as the Swedish Nightingale, was an immensely popular Swedish singer who made her American debut in 1851.  P.T. Barnum promoted her American tour, and to create buzz he made a ‘Jenny Lind’ brand.  ‘Jenny Lind’ products included Jenny Lind hats and gloves, Jenny Lind tobacco, and, the subject of today’s post, Jenny Lind furniture.

The Jenny Lind bed–a spool bed with square corners on the head and foot boards–was supposedly the type of bed that the singer slept on during her American tour.  However slight the connection between Jenny Lind and the furniture style that bears her name, the association has endured and Jenny Lind furniture is still popular today.

A lithograph of Jenny Lind with tinsel painting from the American Folk Art Museum.

A lithograph of Jenny Lind with tinsel painting from the American Folk Art Museum.

Jenny Lind beds in particular are a favorite of ours.  They look equally perfect in dark and moody bedrooms and bright and happy bedrooms, giving both a vintage leavening that always appeals to us.  This bedroom, with its navy walls and abutted persian rugs, is a dreamy oasis.

This bright and light bedroom is pretty much the opposite of the room above, but the classic Jenny Lind bed works just as well.

This image has long been a favorite of ours.  The otomi coverlet, the lace-edged sheets, the modern line drawing, and of course the Jenny Lind bed–we love it all.

Jenny Lind furniture also looks great in kids’ rooms.  The spools, painted in playful hues, look like stacks of toys or candy.

Jenny Lind furniture shows up a lot on Craigslist and in thrift stores.  But if you’re looking for something specific, Jenny Lind furniture is also cropping up in retail stores in all shapes and sizes.  Here are a few options from around the web:

Jenny Lind Furniture

1. Side Table // 2. Navy Spindle Bed // 3. Bookshelf // 4. Four Post Bed // 5. Twin Bed

What do you think, are you a fan of Jenny Lind furniture?  Did you have a Jenny Lind bed in your childhood room?  Did you see one years ago at a thrift store that still haunts your dreams?  Tell us your Jenny Lind story in the comments!