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August Good Score!

Good Score! is a monthly feature here at Red House West highlighting our readers’ secondhand finds. If you scored a great bargain at a thrift store, found a treasure on the side of the road, or discovered a one-of-a-kind gem at a yard sale, we’d love to hear about it! Please send a picture and a brief description of what, where and how much to redhousewest@gmail.com -OR- use the hashtag #rhwgoodscore on Instagram and the last Friday of each month we’ll share a few highlights. To see previous Good Scores, click here.

We are giddy about the good scores that came in this month–it was like our collective birthday whenever we got a new one!  Let’s get started.


From Nikole:

I scored a set of 4 (!!!) teak dining chairs on Craigslist Fairbanks. If you’ve ever perused Craigslist in Fairbanks (or, I’m guessing, most anywhere in Alaska), you can appreciate my overwhelming delight at this find. I got all 4 chairs for $50. FIFTY DOLLARS! Ah. Mazing.

I only needed two chairs, but I gladly took all 4 home. I washed them down with some Murphy’s Oil Soap and then gave them a good coat of Feed-n-Wax. The wood was in pretty nice shape, so I didn’t need to use any Restor-a-Finish. I resisted my initial temptation to try and stain them a bit darker . . . I kind of love the natural beauty of the teak and figured it’s always easier to go darker later rather than try to reverse the process.


The fabric on the chairs was not hideous, but not really my speed . . . plus, it was covered in plastic. I know that’s practical and all, but . . . just, no. I tore the fabric and plastic coating off of each seat and – miracle of miracles – discovered that the batting underneath was like new! I’m willing to admit that this was probably because of the plastic covering that I had given the stink eye and that I may regret this decision later.

I found a lovely fabric at JoAnn’s and, after washing, ironing, and Scotchguard-ing, I reupholstered the chairs. VOILA. They are fabulous and comfortable and I am totes in love.


From Pippin:

I bought a small beautiful Mexican rug from a garage sale for $15. The previous owner bought it in Mexico, and had intentions to make a pillow out of it, but never got around to completing the project. She was nice enough to throw in the fabric for free! The pillow took less than an hour to make.

As you can seen from the photos, my dog Jake was quite fond of the rug. This project turned out fantastic!

PS The chair in the photo I bought years ago for $20 and simply covered it with fabric I had laying around the house.

Pippin Good Score


From Cara:

I was driving down a busy street and saw this with a “FREE” sign attached to it, so naturally I had to slam on the brakes to see what it was. The owner happened to be outside of his house, and when I asked if he was sure he wanted to get rid of it he said to just take it. Music to my ears!

Cara GS


From Grace:

This white & blue planter isn’t my usual style, but I know gorgeous when I see it, and as I was on a mission to find pots for all my house plants I had to get it. Definitely worth it for $2.99 from St. Vinnies, and I love that with enough different patterns and colors of pots they all seem to match somehow. The last picture is a fantastic tin I found at Goodwill, also only $1.99, and another piece that isn’t my usual style, but brings so much to my plant area. I love the detail, colors, and antique quality. European made, and one of my new favorite pieces to show off!

Grace GS pic


Amazing stuff, right?  And how awesome are the bonus DIYs from Nikole and Pippin (and Pippin, keep that Jake of yours locked up tight–we’re smitten and might just dognap him!).  And extra points to Cara and Grace for finding treasures for free or close to free!  Way to go and thanks again to everyone who sent in their Good Scores!  Have a terrific weekend and check back in on Monday for a new collaborative post.  And don’t forget to send your good scores!