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The Resurgence of Rattan

Maybe it’s because we’re on the cusp of summer, but lately in many of our favorite rooms we’ve noticed a surprising element–rattan.  It’s a material of contrasts: it’s sturdy but visually light, it evokes the 1970s but doesn’t look dated, and while it’s casual enough for the patio it blends seamlessly into more sophisticated interiors.

In this picture the visual spaces in the headboard allow the mural to shine through, and the dramatic shape of the bed almost becomes part of the scene as if the curls and furls are little fiddleheads emerging from the forest floor.

Red House West will be having its next blog conference in this setting, thank you very much.

This room has a tightly unified neutral pallet, but the mix of materials–wood, metal, leather, wool, and rattan–keeps it interesting.

The shape of this bench is pretty out there, but because of the unassuming material it totally works.  It could easily take center stage or, as in this picture, be a nice complement to other elements in a room (we’re both positive that given the chance we could each make this work in our living rooms).

Give us a cup of tea and the latest edition of domino and you’ll find us here:

Another great thing about rattan is that it’s affordable.  Ikea’s new NIPPRIG collection has some pieces that make Katie consider a road trip to Portland, and make Mera contemplate buying her own container ship.

Urban outfitters also has some nice options, as does Serena and Lily.


What do you think?  Are you on board with the rattan comeback?  Check back on Wednesday for the Chamber of Secrets reveal, Part 1!