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Design Definitions: Pooling Fabric

Pooling fabric (also called puddling, especially when talking about curtains, but “puddling” makes us think of puppy training pads, so we’re going with “pooling” in this post) means letting extra inches of fabric trail on the floor.  Like a long bridal veil, the look can be romantic and grand, but in the images we’re most drawn to pooling fabric also lends a bohemian and cozy feel.

If not for the extra inches on the floor, this comely portiere could look like a shower curtain.  But with the added length, it’s sophisticated and inviting.

A long hallway with drapery-clad windows and wide plank floors could never look anything other than amazing, but in both of our houses the pooled folds of fabric would definitely catch tumbleweeds of animal hair.  Worth it!

This is such a simple and pretty way to give a bed nook a canopied feel.  The adjunct fabric adds some luxury to the neutral palette and simple lines.

Photo by Holly Marder for Decor8

Photo by Holly Marder for Decor8

Pooling fabric isn’t just for drapery, as in this example of a cloth-draped bedside table from RHW favorite Rita Konig:

Bedskirts and blankets are also good candidates for pooling in the bedroom.  We love the understated romance of these next two rooms:

Image from Anne Ziegler's home featured in LA Home, found here.

Image from Anne Ziegler’s home featured in Domino

Anna Spiro's home, featured Homelife

Image from Anna Spiro’s home, featured Homelife

Are there rooms in your home that could benefit from pooling, or does it skew too impractical for you? We’d love to hear!