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We’ll be Back Soon!

Hello dear readers! Just a quick note to say that we’re swamped in our regular (non-blogger) lives, and we want to keep creating good content here, so we’re taking a short break from our normal posting schedule. In the meantime, you can find us on Instagram and we’ll still be pinning up a storm – you should definitely follow us there (click here to see our Pinterest boards and follow us)! Here’s a sampling of some of our recent favorite pins:

We’ll be back Monday, October 26 – see you then!

Pinterest Friday: Bookshelf Inspiration

Hi everybody and welcome to the third edition of Pinterest Friday!  One Friday a month we comb our Pinterest boards to pick out our favorite spaces and design ideas.  This month, because both of us are voracious readers and book lovers, we decided to do a roundup of the dreamiest bookshelves we’ve seen.  If you’d like, you can check out previous Pinterest Fridays here.

From Katie:

Yes please!  This is such a pretty space with its tall windows and curved shelf–add a cozy chair and I’d never leave.

The varying shelf heights make this visually interesting, and I really like the way art, objects and textiles have been incorporated into these shelves (but that it’s still primarily books).

Shelves with textiles

From Domino Magazine originally, but image found here

Man, this is so amazing that I don’t even care that there doesn’t seem to be a way to reach those upper shelves.  I’d happily clamber right up the front of them if I could have this in my house.

From Mera:

When we were in London we stayed in a great flat where most of the doors had bookshelves above them.  Space was at a premium, so it was practical, but there was also something really magical about it, and it’s a modest detail that I’m really drawn to:

[I can't find a proper source for this--if anyone knows where it originated, let me know and I'll add it in--giving proper credit is important to us!]

[I can’t find a proper source for this.  If anyone knows where it originated, let me know and I’ll add it in–giving proper credit is important to us!]

Speaking of magical, I’ve got two words for you: library ladder.  Can’t you just picture yourself braving the top rung to pull out an old tome, blowing a cloud of dust off to discover a first edition, or crumbling pages filled with ancient family secrets?

And finally, I love the grand scale and architectural detail in these shelves:



Thanks for perusing our bookshelf pin collection!  And speaking of perusing our pins, we’ve recently combined our Pinterest accounts into one account for Red House West.  If you’re a Pinterest user, you should follow us!  Have a great weekend everyone!

Pinterest Friday, Vol. 2

Wallpaper is currently experiencing a style resurrection – elevated from its talcum powder-scented grave to achieve new heights of cool.  For this edition of Pinterest Friday, we thought we’d comb through our pins and share some of our favorite wallpaper applications.

From Mera:

To my way of thinking, wallpaper works best when it celebrates over-the-top granny glamour, but with a sense of humor.  Here are a few examples that, to me, hit all the right notes:

Rifle Paper's City Toile had me at hello.

Rifle Paper’s City Toile had me at hello.

From Katie:

Like Mera, I like wallpaper with a sense of humor – I’m drawn to large-scale patterns, vibrant colors, and quirky themes.  This coral wallpaper in a black and white palette is fantastic in this tiny bathroom:


This is the very first image I ever pinned on Pinterest.  If this were my house, I’m pretty sure I’d just hang out in my persimmon-colored dining chair and live in the magical world of this wallpaper.



I love the scale and dramatic, moody colors of this one:


Finally, anything – anything – by Trustworth wallpaper would be welcome in my home.  Here are two examples, and I strongly suggest you head over to their site to see others.  They are whimsical and dramatic and interesting and strange.

Trustworth Wallpaper - 'Seagulls'

Trustworth Wallpaper – ‘Seagulls’

"Apothecary's Garden' by Trustworth

Trustworth Wallpaper – ‘Apothecary’s Garden’ via Design Sponge

What do you think, do you associate wallpaper with fusty, out-of-date homes?  Can you imagine using any of our favorite papers in your own home?  We’ll be back with a new post on Monday–have a wonderful weekend and a happy 4th of July!