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Pinterest Friday: Pink!

Hi everybody and welcome to the fourth edition of Pinterest Friday!  One Friday a month we comb our Pinterest boards to pick out our favorite spaces and design ideas.  This month we decided to take a look at rooms that make great use of pink.  If you’d like, you can check out previous Pinterest Fridays here.

From Mera:

I don’t think of myself as being a huge pink person-it can seem too pretty princess or country cute.  But lately I’ve been seeing pink pop up in a way that is pretty and a little irreverent and it’s appealing to me more and more.

This room is completely berserk.  Soft pink walls, mid century credenza, and a green shag carpet?  I’d never have believed it, but it’s a do.

I love the crazy patterned pink upholstery on the staid English roll arm sofa here. Again, the pale pink walls and Serge Mouille sconce creates that sweetheart with an edge thing, like Molly Ringwald by the end of The Breakfast Club.

From Katie:

When Mera suggested we do a pink-themed Pinterest round-up this week, I had my doubts.  It’s not a color I ever wear, nor is it one I’ve used much in my home.  As I began scanning through my pins, however, I realized that pink actually factors pretty heavily into rooms I love.  I like it best when it’s hot and bright and in small doses, like the chairs in these two images:


This room wouldn’t be anywhere near as lovely if it weren’t for those two perfect pink pillows.  They add just the right punch of color and make the room so much more inviting.

Obviously there’s a lot more going on in this room than just pink, but for me that lamp and the pinky-red bedspread steal the show.  They’re working great amid the riotous colors, but they’d do just as well in a more neutral setting.

What do you think, are you a fan of pink?  Would you paint a whole room pink, or do you like it better as an accent color?  We’ll be back on Monday and Wednesday with new posts and next Friday is Good Score!  Don’t forget to email us pictures of the treasures you’re finding or tag them with #rhwgoodscore on Instagram.  Have a great weekend!