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Pinterest Friday: Emerald Green

The leaves are changing and giving way to the russet shades of fall.  We’re welcoming the change of seasons but lamenting the loss of verdant green, so we thought we’d round up some of our favorite rooms that include lively, glorious and gorgeous emerald green.

From Katie:

I’ve got paint on the brain (and on my hands, in my hair, on my pants…) and even though my current effort has our living room looking like a nursery (more on this tragic tale on Monday), I can’t help loving this mix of vibrant colors – especially the emerald green:

I am also crazy about this painted floor – though I have no idea how long it would retain its glossy gorgeousness.  Luckily pragmatism doesn’t have to factor much into my fantasy rooms, and this room is definitely dreamy:

Emerald green is a perfect color to liven up achromatic rooms, and I love it on the table in this picture and the chairs in the one following:

From Mera:

Green isn’t a color I use in my house very often but I do love it, emerald especially.  To me the color lends itself to excess and looks great with other saturated jewel tones.  It’s the perfect backdrop for elegance with sense of humor.  For example the cross stitched pillows in this room look hilarious, collected, and also beautiful, but without the emerald wall behind them they might just read as an unfortunate inheritance.

The same goes for this moody room. It’s obviously eclectic and bohemian, but the pretty emerald couch makes you realize that the room is constrained by a tight and elegant palette.

If you took the emerald green out of this kitchen it would be way too sweet. Something about the green island makes the floral blue wallpaper and crystal chandelier not take themselves too seriously.


Next Friday is Good Score! and we would love to have more submissions!  Remember that we’ll be randomly selecting someone to receive a free marbling kit – so send ’em in or tag #rhwgoodscore on Instagram.  Have a lovely weekend!