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Linen Bedding: Worth the Hype?

The finest sheets either of us have ever seen we found together in a thrift store in Eugene.  Katie was perusing the table linens while across the aisle Mera braved the bedding section.  Hiding amidst the polyester nightmares and the 1970s Sesame Street originals, Mera found a queen size set of white sheets with tiny delicate pink polka dots.  We stretched them out between us to check for stains, and Katie found the tag: 100% Cotton, Made in Italy.  They are perfectly soft and dreamy, but now, after a year of near constant use (and after an initial wash on the sanitize cycle), verging on threadbare.  We doubt that either of us will ever find such perfect sheets again, and most certainly not for $3.

In the Perfectly Imperfect Home Deborah Needleman advises “buying the best bed linens you can afford” and says about linen sheets in particular that they only improve with age and are durable enough to be “passed down over generations.”  We each love the romantically rumpled look of linen bedding, and we’re tempted even though they would definitely tap out the bed linens budget for all time.  Here are some images that make us want to drain the coffers.

We love this fluffy white cloud of a bed, and could spend ages watching paint peel from this empyreal oasis.

Between the parquet floors and the elaborate moldings, this room has a lot going for it.  We especially like the way the bed with its layers of linen is a soft and solid counterpoint to the nearby Platnar chair.

The slightly ruffled bedskirt in this next bedroom gives the space a more feminine and romantic look, but without getting anywhere near the dreaded shabby chic.

Separate duvets on the same bed?  Oh heck yeah.  Productivity soars and divorce rates plummet.

Speaking of successful marriages, pale blush + linen is a trend match made in heaven.

What do you think?  Do you own linen sheets or have you slept in them somewhere else?  Are they all they’re cracked up to be?  Have a great week!