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Decorating with Lace

We thought we’d ease into this Monday (which is rainy in Eugene and chilly in Anchorage), with some light and lovely lace.  Lace can be tricky; use too much or in the wrong way and it can seem fussy, dated, or too shabby chic.  But done right it can bring a romantic bohemian sweetness to a room.  Let’s take a look at some examples:

This pretty portiere gives this all-white room some much needed texture and interest:

There’s no shortage of lace in this room, but with the more modern and colorful accents and the bare-bulb light fixture, it looks just right:

The lace bedskirt (cleverly fashioned from a tablecloth) is perfectly paired with the raw wood headboard and makes this glamorous bedroom unique:

In this minimalist space, the lace coverlet adds much needed texture and contrast.  We love it:

These next two images make a strong argument for lace in the bathroom – using thrifted tablecloths layered over a liner would be an easy way to achieve this look in real life:

Lace makes for such pretty and casual drapes.  Open the windows and let the loveliness billow:

This rustic bedroom gets a sweet dose of softness from the crocheted lace bed linens.

We’re in agreement on this one: our favorite room is the second bathroom.  How about you?

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