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Bar or Counter Height?

It seems like there are two categories of trends: the inescapable ones that we go crazy for until they reach a saturation point (tuxedo cabinets, we’re looking at you) and we can’t stand them anymore, and the pernicious trends that are just as ubiquitous but somehow sneak by unnoticed. Eat-in spaces in kitchens are as common as basic appliances, but recently it dawned on us that we’ve only been seeing counter-height (around 36 inches) eating areas and hardly any with bar-height (42 inches).

Like a nondescript arctic lichen, has this ’80s and ’90s mainstay gone extinct without anyone noticing? The eradication is so complete that it’s hard to find pretty kitchens with bar-height counters. Seriously, we had to dig deep to find even just these three images:

So what is it about bar height that has caused it to be rejected in a whisper heard ’round the world? It seems practical–vertical space to accommodate outlets and hide small appliances or cooking messes is a good thing, right? Yet, looking at our own Pinterest kitchen board, there’s not a single kitchen with bar-height counters, though we never formed a conscious preference for one over the other.

Counter-level eating spaces seem to be the new normal, with plenty of beautiful examples. We’d love to perch atop the non-totteringly high bentwood stool in this kitchen and take in the lovely green cabinets and black hardware.

With so many beautiful things to look at in this home, we imagine that even diners at the formal table scarcely notice when the exposed counters are messy.

With its waterfall edge counter and golden stemmed lighting, this kitchen is glam, but not in a big-for-its-britches way.

Here’s a perk of counter-height: the extra inches between ceiling and counter accommodate dramatic blooming branches as in these next two images:

What do you think? Did you see bar-height counter’s swan song from a mile away, or did this sneak up on you too? Which height do you prefer in your own home?

We’re taking next week off from posting as we’ll be together in the flesh, hanging out and working on some fun new stuff for the blog. See you back here June 1!