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Nettlesome Design Trends

We’re like anyone; we get pulled in by design trends, often not even realizing that something is a trend. As testament to this, we both have fake beni ourain rugs, Katie loves a dark and moody wall, and Mera has arrived late to the oil portrait party, but arrived nonetheless. That said, there are a few design trends that we just can’t cotton to.

1. Cowhides
We once saw a home tour where there was a wee calfskin rug in the bathroom, and the owner remarked on how “cute” it was. We’re sure the baby cow was cute, but the hide?  The thought of stepping out of a shower with damp feet to stand on the pokey guard hairs of a hide gives both of us a very un-cute heebie jeebie feeling.

Cowhides are just so . . . hidey. We get the appeal of an irregularly shaped rug (sometimes a rectangle is just too confining!), but we can’t understand wanting something so unapologetically bovine in our homes.

2. Backwards Books
We’ve mentioned this one before, but it bears repeating. We feel nothing but acrimony for this achromatic dernier cri.
This is the only time books should be backwards on a shelf:

3.  Word Art
This one is less of a categorical bugbear, and more of a “I know it when I see it” dislike.  Our general feeling is that art can include words, but words are not therefore art.  Plus we feel bossed by typographical signs that say things like “eat” or “dance.”  If we’re not in the mood to “live well, laugh often, love much” we’re pretty sure that a sign made from pallets and milk paint isn’t going to turn the feeling around.


Please stop yelling at us. (source)

How about you? Can’t wait for the train to leave the station on subway tile? Wish the 80’s would call asking for its brass back? Biding your time until Moroccan style is lessoccan? Let us know what your design pet peeves are in the comments!