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Chairs Not for Sitting

In the comments to last week’s post about peacock chairs there was a consensus that, though beautiful, they are not actually comfortable enough to serve their primary funciton: sitting.  On the heels of that discussion, we thought we would look at non-sitting purposes to which chairs can reasonably be put. Longtime readers know that we are self-confessed chair hoarders (remember this picture?), and if there’s a decorative way to justify getting more of these leggy beauties out of the stables, we’re on board.

One non-sitting purpose for chairs, which is thoroughly endorsed by Pinterest, is using chairs as bedside tables.  As long as the seat isn’t angled back like most chairs, why not?  With sconces instead of lamps, there’s plenty of room for a book and a glass of water.  We love bentwood chairs forever and ever anon, and the graceful curves of this pair against the white wall are so pretty.

Back when we visited Design Within Reach in Seattle we tested out the iconic Wishbone Chair and found them to be less than lounge-worthy.  This might be the one way we would actually use this lovely perch in our homes.

This chair, levitating above the ground, is most certainly not for sitting, but adds a welcome dash of whimsy to this children’s room.

The unassuming chair in this bedroom brings natural wood tones into a space with a painted floor, and also provides nice vertical lines to an otherwise low-profile room.

The composition of this room is elegant, but we both think we wouldn’t like it half as much if not for that green chair cradling a pile of books.

We suppose you could sit in this chair as is, but you would be messing up a lovely composition and risking that dear little baby deer.

The effort it would take to unearth this chair from under its substantial stack of books and grand vase makes it unlikely that it’s used much for sitting.  We like it this way, though, and think that if it were just a little table holding this collection instead of a chair it wouldn’t have near as much charm.

Time to own up, do you have chairs not for sitting in your home? Happy Monday!