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Happy New Year!

Welcome back, and happy 2016!  With the new year, we were both more than ready to let go of the overt festivity of holiday decor — our houses feel so open and fresh without Christmas trees! — but we still feel the need for glittering color and warmth to combat the coming months of lowering grey skies and naked branches.

Today we’re looking at rooms filled with non-holiday specific sparkling cheer: metallics to reflect what light there is, fresh flowers as a reminder that things will bloom again, and bright colors like a sigh of relief amid the gloom.

The red and green color scheme of the upholstery in this room gives it the cozy feeling of the holiday season without being Christmassy.  A healthy smattering of gold helps too.

Even turned off, this chrome-based lamp does a lot to bring light into this room.  The reflective surface is harnessing the winter light filtering through the window, making the pretty space even more welcoming.

This room, from the Instagram account of Jersey Ice Cream Co., is all winter.  It’s a gentle transition from the holidays into the mercifully lengthening days.  The gleaming brass candlesticks and the green boughs bring life to the quiet space.

There’s nothing like a warm lamp light glow.  Here, in this lovely scene captured by our favorite Jonas Ingerstedt, the fresh flowers remind us that winter does, at long last, abate.

Red House West || Cheerful Spaces for the New Year

The bright red chair does a lot to enliven this room. It’s a good reminder that a spot of color can transform a space, and we’re inspired to move around some pillows, some art, and yes, even some chairs, to brighten up dim corners of our homes.

The soft pink flowers, the glittering metallics on the coffee table, and the gentle glow of the lamp make this a very inviting scene.

How do you fortify yourself and your home against the winter drear?  We’d love to hear your tips for combating winter gloom!