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Etsy Finds Friday!

We both love finding inspiration and unique treasures on Etsy, so once a month or so we share round-ups of some of our favorite Etsy items and sellers so you can see them too.  Thanks for joining us!

From Katie:

The colors of these ceramics made by Redraven studios are so perfect.  Not sure I’m refined enough to eat from dinnerware decorated with real gold, but I’d certainly like to give it a go.

Canyon plate

Canyon mugAnother Etsy store selling handmade ceramics I love is Clay Bungalow.  The hand-etched folk art designs are delightfully whimsical.    I’m particularly enamored of this vase and plate:

Clay Bungalow

clay bungalow plate

From Mera:

I love Lucile Prache’s food watercolors–they remind me of my mother-in-law’s paintings, and also of my grandmother’s kitchen:

Red House West||Etsy Finds


Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 7.44.57 PM

Despite its firm hold on the interior design world, I am still a wallpaper weeny.  It’s just so permanent, bold and expensive!  Kate Zaremba’s removable wallpapers put my commitment-phobe fears to rest, and I love her hand-drawn designs:

Red House West||Etsy Finds


Thanks for checking out our Etsy finds–have a great weekend everybody!

Heading for Home Plate

Hi everyone, it’s Katie again!  Next week we’ll be back to our regular schedule of each doing one post a week and a collaborative post on Friday, but for this week you not only get a double dose of me, you also get this terrible and punny post title (please forgive me).

I’ve gotta say that I am loving the new color in the dining room.  I’ve spent the last couple of days watching the way the light moves across the blue with an avidity lately reserved for Season 2 of ‘Orange is the New Black.’  Here’s a picture I snapped late in the evening when the walls were deep and inky:

I recently got the nun decanter (is that a thing) at a thrift store for a couple of dollars.  Good score!

I recently got the nun decanter (is that a thing?) at a thrift store for a couple of dollars. Good score!

I’ve always loved the way art looks against dark walls, and long before I painted this room I was daydreaming about what I might hang in there.  Now that I can see the color I’m less interested in the large-scale art and murals I was coveting before–I don’t want to cover up the pretty blue.  So what am I thinking about?  Well here’s a phrase I never thought I’d utter in reference to my own home: decorative plates.

Does that conjure up for you – as it did for me – images of gilt-edged commemorative plates sold on QVC and in ‘Parade’ magazine?  Porcelain souvenirs emblazoned with Mt Rushmore, or the Grand Canyon or Golden Gate Bridge?  Plates painted with the rosy and smiling (or dour, depending)  faces of British Royals?  Well I wouldn’t say no (in fact I’d give an emphatic yes) to a Wills and Kate plate, but the decorative plates I have in mind for my dining room are decidedly more modern, and here are some of my favorite options:

The glaze on these plates is unreal.  I love the colors and think they would look gorgeous on the deep blue walls.  I also love the loose way they have arranged them here.

Pastel glazed plates on wall

Found on toast.co.uk

I am also crazy about these plates – the monochromatic palette and the simple drawings are so charming – and I like the irregular shapes and raw edges.  I’ve been toying with the idea of trying to DIY something in this same vein (maybe with paper mache?).

I’ve been admiring the combination of paintings on traditional chinaware for a while.  I love how cheeky these are.



I particularly like the arrangements of the plates in these next three images–there is something very modern about the way all of these collections are displayed.


Finally, these colorful baskets are also a beautiful option and would add a welcome punch of color and pattern.  I like the mix of sizes and designs.

For now I’m happy just enjoying the blue walls as-is, but down the road it will be fun to experiment with bringing other elements into the room.  What do you think?  Would you (or do you) hang plates as decoration in your own home?  Which of these options is your favorite?