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Mera’s House: The Bedroom Chronicles

Our new master bedroom is so close to crossing the finish line, but sadly not with a triumphant strong finish — more like a marathoner who collapses in the chute, poops herself, and then drags herself across the finish line on bleeding elbows.

We’ve run into a few hiccups with the closet, and the writing may finally be on the wall for the Serena & Lily bed I bought seven months ago, but still haven’t received (for the background on this saga click here). Here’s the closet before and updated, but not done, after:

Red House West || Master Bedroom

Red House West || Bedroom Progress

One of the guys who worked on the closet said that building it was the hardest thing he’d ever done, and the fact that it’s taken 3x longer than expected bears that out.  It’s not even close to square, nor does it slope consistently one way or the other – I’m so glad we hired professionals to do this, Chester and I wouldn’t stand a chance!

The contractors are still working out a few kinks, but I’m excited about how it’s turning out.  My heart sings every time I peek at the flock of drawers and their beautiful plumage.

Red House West || Master Bedroom Progress

In bed-buying news, things are not looking good for the bed I ordered from Serena & Lily back in October.  I called last week and was told that, though they had gotten more of the beautiful indigo linen fabric I chose in stock, they rejected it for quality issues.  Meanwhile I find myself wandering into the room, laptop in hand, wistfully gazing at my original mood board:

Bedroom Plan Round 3

I also make little shrines with the fabric samples for the window shades and the bed and text Katie pictures accompanied by weeping emojis.

Red House West || Bedroom Progress

Winifred says “My mom has vowed to not trim the vision-obstructing hair on the bridge of my nose until the bed arrives!  Send the bed or send help!”

This week I realized that these adumbrations may be as close as I ever get to the Serena & Lily bed.  I’m trying not to dwell, and I think I’ve found a good alternative, one that might even work better in our bitty room.

Another bedroom possibility

It’s from CB2, and actually will fit even better under our low windows than the Serena & Lily Bed.  It would mean a lot more wood and less color than the look I originally envisioned, but after talking it through with Katie I think it could be just the thing.

So what do you think, should I give the Serena & Lily bed a little more time, or should I pull the trigger on the CB2 bed?  Thanks for weighing in!