Mera’s House: The Bedroom Chronicles

Our new master bedroom is so close to crossing the finish line, but sadly not with a triumphant strong finish — more like a marathoner who collapses in the chute, poops herself, and then drags herself across the finish line on bleeding elbows.

We’ve run into a few hiccups with the closet, and the writing may finally be on the wall for the Serena & Lily bed I bought seven months ago, but still haven’t received (for the background on this saga click here). Here’s the closet before and updated, but not done, after:

Red House West || Master Bedroom

Red House West || Bedroom Progress

One of the guys who worked on the closet said that building it was the hardest thing he’d ever done, and the fact that it’s taken 3x longer than expected bears that out.  It’s not even close to square, nor does it slope consistently one way or the other – I’m so glad we hired professionals to do this, Chester and I wouldn’t stand a chance!

The contractors are still working out a few kinks, but I’m excited about how it’s turning out.  My heart sings every time I peek at the flock of drawers and their beautiful plumage.

Red House West || Master Bedroom Progress

In bed-buying news, things are not looking good for the bed I ordered from Serena & Lily back in October.  I called last week and was told that, though they had gotten more of the beautiful indigo linen fabric I chose in stock, they rejected it for quality issues.  Meanwhile I find myself wandering into the room, laptop in hand, wistfully gazing at my original mood board:

Bedroom Plan Round 3

I also make little shrines with the fabric samples for the window shades and the bed and text Katie pictures accompanied by weeping emojis.

Red House West || Bedroom Progress

Winifred says “My mom has vowed to not trim the vision-obstructing hair on the bridge of my nose until the bed arrives!  Send the bed or send help!”

This week I realized that these adumbrations may be as close as I ever get to the Serena & Lily bed.  I’m trying not to dwell, and I think I’ve found a good alternative, one that might even work better in our bitty room.

Another bedroom possibility

It’s from CB2, and actually will fit even better under our low windows than the Serena & Lily Bed.  It would mean a lot more wood and less color than the look I originally envisioned, but after talking it through with Katie I think it could be just the thing.

So what do you think, should I give the Serena & Lily bed a little more time, or should I pull the trigger on the CB2 bed?  Thanks for weighing in!

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  1. Nina D

    Holy crap, this may go down as the best RHW post so far. From the hilarious opening paragraph (I forgive you for covering my iPad in nose coffee) to the vocabulary boost (adumbrations….damn, girl) to the adorable puppy’s plaintive cry for help — it’s got it all! 🙂

    LOVE the “flock of drawers and their beautiful plummage” and YES! Pull the trigger on the CB2 bed. I like it even better and with its neutrality you can have a lighter, cleaner look or build color as the mood strikes.

    Thanks for starting my day with a smile!

  2. Alienor

    MUCH better! push the button on the new version.

    I love the Octo Secto too, and am looking forward to seeing it in place – I have one in my kitchen / dining, but it hangs there from a double height and fills the space…I would have one in every room, so am curious to see how it will go in a more cozy environment.

    1. Mera Post author

      I have loved that pendant light for ever, but I’ve never known what it’s called–thank you! It’s definitely an experiment–I don’t know if it will work in such a small space and particularly with our low ceiling. We shall see!

  3. Emily

    The wooden bed is lovely but I think you should hold out for the Serena & Lily bed… after all, you’ve waited this long! If the lovely blue really won’t work, I had a quick look on their website and wondered if you could get it in a slightly different shade? They have a few different shades of blue by the looks of it, or even a warm spice colour could work. Or, I wonder if you found your own blue linen from a fabric shop, you could send it to them to use? Some bed places will do that. Even if they don’t normally, they might make an exception for all the heartache they’ve put you through!

    I love that bed so much, it’s inspired me to look for an upholstered bed next time – just seems so snuggly.

    (PS as a general rule, if you love a fabric enough to build a shrine to it, you would probably regret not waiting for it…)

    1. Mera Post author

      Thanks for weighing in Emily! I have about a million fabric samples from Serena and Lily, all lovely, and there are a few that are similar to the indigo linen (the midnight linen in particular). The indigo has a depth and variation that the others don’t, and I just can’t shake it. And I agree, that bed is definitely more cozy looking than the CB2 bed . . . .

  4. joy

    Free Winifred’s eyes!

    I once waited 7 months for a duvet cover from Dwell and it was worth it. That being said, I do love the CB2 bed and if, i am understanding properly, the bed will ease reno anxiety significantly, be less of a hassle to acquire, is cheaper and looks fantastic….go with the CB2 bed.

    1. Mera Post author

      Thanks, Diana. I like the look of the CB2 bed too, but my main concern is that it’s really low. Will I feel like I’m sleeping on the floor? Will I be able to heft myself out of it in the morning?

  5. Dana

    After regretting my own choice in beds, my advice is go for the one you reeeeally want. It’s an investment! If the beds you are debating don’t excite or inspire you, then listen to that. And it’s totally okay if you change your mind. And your closet!!! Though wonky in the eyes of the contractors, it is nothing but charming and I am kind of jealous of all its cuteness.

  6. isabel

    I had the same issue with Serena and Lily. After waiting for months for a side table I finally called and was told that the table was discontinued. This wasn’t a big deal, in fact i found another side table that I liked just as much, however, there customer service was so poor that, several years later, I have only ordered one item from them and only because it was on sale. Order from CB2 unless you serena and lily give you a specific date for the bed to arrive. p.s. love the closet and cabinets, and i also love the cb2 bed.

    1. Mera Post author

      That’s too bad that you had a similar experience with S&L, I was sure this was just a one off. Thanks for sharing, and for weighing in about the bed!

  7. Susan Glassow

    Yes, Mera, one of your most hilarious posts and that’s saying a lot.
    I go for getting those nose hairs trimmed and not going for the first bed. I like it but its color may actually get “old” in a way the very graceful wooden framed bed will not.I also wonder about doggie nail marks not he upholstered bed?

    I love the closet and drawers. I love the fact the closet space has sliding doors.

    Great design. Hang in there
    master closet builders!

  8. Susan Glassow

    I love the rich color palette of the bed that may never arrive. I also fear for Winifred’s vision issues and the potential for doggie nail tears on the upholstery as she will need more cuddles after such trauma.

    On the other hand, the grace of the second choice fits the space so well.

    Love the look and function of the closet-drawer alcove.

  9. Lea

    With the simple ivory upholstered headboard and without the thick blue band around its bottom, the CB2 bed looks much less visually hefty to me. I think it might work even better in your small space than the blue bed that still hasn’t come from Serena and Lily.

    That said, depending on the texture, the ivory fabric could be problematic at our house if it acted as a magnet for all the fluff that our long-haired tabby sheds when she’s hanging out in our room. Because upholstery festooned with cat hair is not inviting, the head of our bed is wood. That might not be a problem if the fabric is a pretty flat weave or if you don’t plan on let shedding pets spend time there. But if you do plan to let the furry folk in, is it possible to get a small sample from CB2 to check the texture and try estimate how fiercely pet hair knits itself to that particular fabric?

    1. Mera Post author

      Thanks Lea. There doesn’t seem to be a way to get a fabric sample, but your pet hair point is a good one. The dogs aren’t allowed on our bed, but as far as “letting” the cats do or not do anything, ha!

  10. panda flannel

    I really like the CB2 bed! Much more than the Serena & Lily, actually. Seems less formal, less fussy to keep clean, and visually lighter and more interesting. +1 to pulling the trigger from me!

    That closet looks gorgeous! I wasn’t sure how you were going to turn such an awkward space into something useable but it looks fantastic.

  11. Michelle

    Great progress Mera—I love your gorgeous drawers! I vote for the CB2 bed, and I’d make a blue linen slip cover for the upholstered headboard part or a bolster to get a bit of that pop of color that the Serena and Lily bed would have provided. I think in the long run with the critters that you may be happier without a fully upholstered bed frame and that the CB2 frame will be more versatile…hang in there, you’re so close!

    1. Mera Post author

      Thanks for thinking about the (high) impact my creatures are sure to have on whatever I end up with, Michelle. I can’t wait to be done!

  12. Gillianne

    The color of the indigo bed is lovely — I have an indigo linen duvet cover — but the graceful lines of the CB2 bed seem to fit better. Also to be more practical. Could you introduce the indigo color you like with some linen pillows or a throw? Tricia at Rough Linen now offers indigo, and her pillow slips are reasonably priced for linen, the fabric is high quality, and the workmanship is outstanding. (no, she doesn’t pay me; just appreciate the exception quality of her products)

  13. Jen

    Honestly, I like the CB2 bed more. Even though it’s wood, it is visually lighter than the S & L bed, which seems better suited to a small space. As others have said, you can always incorporate indigo in other ways, like maybe a beautiful indigo blanket for the foot of the bed. If you really love the S & L bed, though, it might be worth one more polite but tough call to customer service to see if you can get any kind of commitment from them. I mean, seven months is really….somethin’. I just don’t understand letting an order languish like that. (Full disclosure, my opinion on this is colored by the fact that I had a similar situation with a different seller, waited it out, and totally regretted having done so because the final product was not at all worth it.)

    1. Mera Post author

      Thanks Jen. I haven’t been too hard on Serena & Lily up to now because, had the bed come earlier, I wouldn’t have had anywhere to put it. Kind of a no harm situation, but you’re right of course that 7 months is just nuts.

  14. Cookie

    I like the CB2 bed!! I’ve also worn leggings as pants and know the lyrics to most of WilsonPhillips songs, so take my advice with a grain of salt. 🙂 The closet rocks, M!

    1. Mera Post author

      So you don’t think I should hold on for one more day, until things go my way, hold on for one more day, with the Serena & Lily bed? xoxo

  15. Ellen

    I’ve been lusting after the CB2 bed myself, but it does not fit into my house at all. I think you should go for it! You can always bring in more color with the bedding. The bed itself is so unique, and I’ve read rave reviews about the quality. Good luck!

  16. Dee

    I like the new choice of bed and if it fits better in your room – go for it! Maybe add a blue linen comforter at the foot of the bed for the color you want.

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